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Friday, October 6, 2017

Sheriff Ana Franklin just can't stay out of the news

Blogger Comments in Blue:  According to the Decatur Daily article released 15 hours ago the State Attorney General filed a lawsuit against the owner of an alleged gambling facility.  According to Jeff Chandler a special agent with the State Attorney General's Office "Chandler's affidavit said he and another agent went to the business. He said he asked for help playing the games and was told by someone working there "that this business was totally legal, was not a casino, had been cleared by the sheriff and that he had a business license on the wall to prove it."

This set up sounds shady.  We can't help but wonder if the sheriff is getting a kickback.  Maybe the authorities can add racketeering to there list of criminal charges against the sheriff.  Sounds like more dishonest and fraudulent business dealings.

No known connection but wasn't Sheriff Ana Franklin's gym named River City Fitness?  Maybe she recommended the name to the owner of the gaming facility.  


  1. Seems odd to name it River City when it's nowhere near Decatur. Even if it didn't matter the place is on the south end of Lacey's Spring about 3 miles from the river.

    Anyways, there are much bigger problems in our state and county than alleged gambling. I don't want to hear the politically correct "Just doing their job" "Gotta enforce the laws" excuses.

  2. Greed and Corruption at its finest.

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