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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Love the comments - Anonymous speaks

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Speaking of the Posse": 

59 dead, over 500 injured, police officers running towards the shooter, with little regard for their own safety, and you're posting about a sheriff riding a horse? On top of that, you run down the Sheriff's Posse, a 100% volunteer organization that isn't actually a part of the Sheriff's Office? 
You're sick, plain and simple.
Disgusting troll. 

Blogger Comments:  We have never made any statements that ALL COPS are bad.  On the contrary, we have hailed the hard-working law enforcement officers around the country.  To include Morgan County.  The situation in Vegas is very sad and our hearts go out to them.  They are truly heroes.  Those people who lost their lives didn't deserve it.  Both the authorities and citizens teamed together to help the wounded.  The family members stayed with their loved ones who died beside them.  A husband lost his life protecting his wife.  All we can do is grieve for the folks in Vegas that lost their lives and those who are injured.  We can honor all those law enforcement officers and citizens who kicked in to help.  We can donate funds to the victims which we are sure will be needed in the weeks and months to come.    Here locally we can do more to stop the corruption in our small part of the world.

Now let me tell you about some local heroes.  The good men and women that work at the Morgan County Sheriff's Office with no pay raise for years would have done the exact same thing should we have a mass murder in our community.  Those men and women the sheriff have fired because they saw through Sheriff Franklin's agenda would also be out on the front line.  The citizens of our county would be out there doing what they could.  Last but not least first responders across the state would be here helping. We would have enormous support while the sheriff of this county hogs the media instead of aiding and assisting the hard working folks of this county.    The good men and women know exactly what the sheriff, you and the other goons have done to destroy the sheriff's office.  The good men and women of this county to include law enforcement, citizens, first responders, and others have shared the terrible stories involving the Sheriff of Morgan County.   

You want to talk about the posse.  You bet we will run down the Sheriff's Posse.  Sheriff Ana Franklin runs the posse along with Larry Berzett, Pam Berzett, and the Goodwins not for the good of the special needs of this county.  Not one damn dime of the money made during posse events went to support the sheriff's office unless you call paying for your fancy clothes, boots, and hats that the Sheriff's Office paid for so you goons can play your horse and pony shows.  How much of the money that you made went to special needs?  How much of the money that you made went to enhance the operations of the sheriff's office?  Not one damn dime.  It is great and wonderful to put on shows for the special needs victims in this county but they don't care about your fancy gear, equipment, clothing, bridles, saddles, and horse blankets.  They love the animals.  The special needs victims love to pet the horses.  They don't care your fancy gear and setup.  It doesn't increase their quality of life.  What does enhance their quality of life is donations, special needs equipment, doctors visits many can't afford, and the hardworking men and women that work for special needs on a daily basis to include the Department of Health and Human Services.  Your 100 percent volunteer program is made up of a lot of reserves who are not qualified to perform the mission of deputy but you dress them like deputies, you give them fully equipped vehicles, you have four chaplains that drive fully equipped vehicles at the county's expense.  The reserve deputies aka posse member who know what you are doing is as big of a disgrace as you are.  You are right the non-profit organization IS NOT PART OF THE SHERIFFS OFFICE so why don't you tell the citizens of this county why a lot of the posse gear, equipment, clothes, and more are paid for by the sheriff's office?  We may be sick of your corruption but we are not thieves.  You run a nonprofit that you stick your hands in the cookie jar like Larry Berzett and pull out wads of cash to stuff his pockets.  How much cash from the posse has gone into the bank.  I can tell you what is really sick.  Stealing from a nonprofit set up for special needs.  You, your posse, and the horse you rode in on is the problem.  Do you really think that we don't know what you have done for years with the money?  You think you are covered; that the IRS can't possibly audit your accounts.  


  1. Your ignorance is on full display. Mosey over to the Sheriff's Posse FB page and hit the "about" button, learn a few things about the organization. I've talked to an older gentleman that was an original member in the 1960s. Heck, they didn't even allow women to join, it was truly a "good ole boy" club. The bylaws were rewritten shortly after Ana was elected, to include anyone who wanted to volunteer to help their community. You ought to apply to be a member, maybe you could be the shining light for the organization.
    The Posse is a volunteer organization, separate from the Sheriff's Office, which acts under the direction of the Sheriff.

    1. Ok...ANSWER THE QUESTION...WHERE ARE ALL THE FUNDS GOING? By laws rewritten, I bet, I guess it also allowed the inmates to volunteer too huh? I don't care how sweet you write about the posse it's like sugar coating a turd.

    2. How much money do you think the Posse bring in? It looks like they host a handful of events every year, how many burgers they selling?

    3. They get money from donations and other sources, not just from events.

    4. Really? What "other sources"?

    5. You know, don't play stupid.

    6. Come on, you know All about the posse, educate us on these "other sources".
      Unless you're lying again?

    7. Glenda's just making stuff up again. Maybe she ought to get more accurate information from the Sargeant.

  2. Your ignorance is plain and simple. This will be the first female Sheriff to go down in the history of Alabama. You cant steal and lie and cover all up.