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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Decatur Daily Article and some of our thoughts for the day

Blogger Comments:  You know! The whistleblowers are not the least bit surprised that Sheriff Ana didn't turn down her raise as is reflected in the article below.  If you recall Franklin complained about how broke she is because she lost over $21,000.00 of her income due to a shortfall in the inmate food funds.  Folks, that is another one of Franklin's lies.  No money was taken from her salary to pay for an inmate food fund deficit.  However, Franklin did take $160,000.00 from the inmate food funds and invested $150,000.00 into the Title Marts.   Franklin also removed an additional $10,000.00 from the MCSO inmate food funds that have never been accounted for.  Why haven't those monies been accounted for?  

It appears that a large number of citizens within Morgan County no longer trust the sheriff and her hopes for another term of sheriff is bleak.  That is unless she can put a call into US Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  Franklin's bragging rights since she met Charlie Mcnichol a couple of years ago still stand firm today.  Franklin claims she still has everything covered even without Big Luther.  Franklin leaned heavily on Big Luther, never dreaming that he could possibly be beaten by Roy Moore in the runoff election.  Franklin brags, she brags a lot.  When Big Luther was the State Attorney General Franklin had a direct line to Luther which ensured that none of our complaints went further than File 13.  Sessions was hired to drain the swamp not to fill it with more corruption.   

She has made the whistleblowers into villains who walk around her house at night, roam through her house, and she claims that we destroyed Bones Wilson's truck that was parked at her house.  Speaking of Franklin's house we understand that she is using some of her thugs to guard her house while she is away.   We knew that she was doing that at one time but we thought that since Franklin is under investigations by outside agencies she would not be doing that.  Folks, that is called arrogance.  Franklin does not believe for one minute that these investigations will land her in jail.  Franklin has her flock of followers believing that she has them taken care of.  

Franklin has used Morgan County taxpayer dollars, county, state, and federal funds as if they were her own personal funds.  Franklin goes back to court tomorrow.  She is already telling people that she won.  We know first hand that Franklin has deprived inmates their physician-prescribed medications.  We know first hand what happens in many cases when you deny the mentally ill their prescribed medications.  

It is obvious that Sheriff Franklin's agenda is not about protecting and serving the citizens of this county.  It is obvious that Franklin does not care about the inmates she has placed in the county jail.  

We noticed yesterday that the Southern Center Poverty Law group was back in town.  Franklin was a no-show but we noticed billable Barney walking in to ensure that things would be running the way Franklin directed them to be.  Franklin, isn't it true that you claim bragging rights again that you have already won.  You may win your case this week but harming other people will never make you a winner.  

Franklin has lied her way all the way to the top.  Claiming the whistleblowers are just out to get her because we do not want her to win another sheriff's election.  Franklin will never admit that she has done anything wrong.  She will never admit that she and Charlie bought property in Saraland.  She will never admit that a lot of the money that went into the property came from Morgan County.  She will never admit to the number of people she has destroyed in our county.  She will never admit the emotional harm she has caused the people she fired or forced to retire.  Once all the investigations are over Franklin will either walk or go to jail.  She is confident that she will never go to jail in the State of Alabama as she has told so many people.  Time will tell until then we will continue to blog.  

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Anonymous said...

She will take her pay raise and about 3 mill. Go figure.