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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Complements of Youtube - Natural Cures Top 10


  1. Is everyone enjoying how transparent honest available and upstanding Ana Franklin is now? Maybe they are enjoying the casino compliments of Sheriff Ana Franklin. How many have vehicles from Title Marts but can’t get the title? How many are getting ripped off by Ana while feeding great amounts of money into a machine at the Sheriffs Office for the commasary? Make the green no matter how dishonest or taking advantage of anyone. Ana will break whoever stands in her way and spit on your grave if she has to show up.

  2. Casinos in Saraland?

  3. Corrupt leaders of Morgan County. These high paid full time commissioners are useless like Ana and costing tax payers almost as much. What do they do with these full time jobs they never do. They certainly have not stopped a rouge Sheriff. Why? Elections this time will be big. How do the citizens vote to cut these commissioners back to part time? This county really has no need for that waste of money.