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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Sheriff's in

It appears that Sheriff Franklin found her way back into Morgan County again.  She actually showed up at the sheriff's office today.  Lots of things are coming up this month including Sheriff Franklin's Federal Hearing.  The fearless sheriff appears to be focused clearly on the two-day hearing and continues to boast that she won the last hearing.  Franklin's entire two terms as sheriff have been littered with federal lawsuits.  Franklin started out her career as sheriff with federal lawsuits consuming her time when she wasn't on the rodeo scene and rubbing noses with the top ranks at the state capitol.
We can't help but ask when will this all end?  How can Franklin run the sheriff's office while in Saraland?  Is Larry Berzett going to continue down the path of running the jail and claiming to be APOST certified?  Then you have Captain Ron Livingston who also claims to be APOST certified. Between these two and Sheriff Franklin, you would think that with all of the education and training and Ana's almost BS degree they could have written grants to cover the Drug Task Force salaries and the school resource officers (SRO's) salaries.  The reason they didn't worry about fighting for additional resources is that they are lazy, and figured since the county commission was funding everything with little to no payment from Sheriff Franklin why bother?  We noticed in the recent coverage of the county commissions decision to unfund the drug task force, and the SRO positions that Sheriff Franklin blamed everyone except for herself for her negligent conduct in ensuring that our schools have the resources need to protect our children.  Now.  That is sad.  Take responsibility Sheriff Franklin.....

As for the current drug task force they should be disbanded.  They are of little value right now with Bones Wilson as the commander of the task force.  The only thing that seems to come from that office is overtime not worked.  In addition, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, Justin Powell, and Sheriff Franklin were the ones to coordinate breaking into the whistleblower's office using an informant to gather evidence a week before they lied to a judge to obtain a legal warrant.  In addition, they are the key players for installing the Keylogger software on office computers.

The sheriff's arrogance is astonishing.  The sheriff tells her good time friends that she is not the least bit worried about any consequences regarding any of her behavior since taking office.  Berzett, Bones, and the rest of the good time crew have no fear.  If Ana says we are covered, we are covered.


  1. I can her the music from the movie Jaws! The sound effect that grows faster until the shark finally bites!

  2. Would the shark spit her out, choke, or be fed well for quite some time?

    1. I really don't think even sharks like the taste of SHIT