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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The food honeymoon is over

We hear from inmates' family members that the inmate food has gone back to business as usual. Inmates' family members say they are having to place more and more money on their loved one's account to satisfy their hunger.  When the sheriff's office fails to feed the inmates healthy nutritional meals, family members are forced to place more and more money on the inmate's commissary accounts, or shall we say the sheriff's retirement funds.  One source said that on one occasion that the inmates had tomato soup and the following day the leftover tomato soup was poured over noodles and called spaghetti.  Another inmate said that they also have PBJ sandwiches.  The problem with the PBJ is that there is no jelly on the bread.  It is more like a PBS which is a peanut butter and syrup sandwich.  We can hear anonymous now "they're in jail, starve them".  Will you be saying the same things in a few days when some of your thug buddies end up in jail and they get the opportunity to eat PBJ aka PBS sandwiches with watered down soup?

We were told by a very credible confidential source that the sheriff has been taking thousands of dollars out of that account for several years and that these funds are moved monthly.  Inmates being placed in jail is a hardship on the families. They should not have to feel the burden of placing as much as $50.00 per week in their loved ones account to keep them from going hungry.  We are not talking about steak and potatoes, with a side salad, and your choice of bread.  Simple nutritional meals with do just fine.   This issue has been a long term complaint that we all believed the sheriff had taken care of prior to the previous federal hearing on the $150,000.00 inmate food funds that she took.  Now that the sheriff has a legal right to use inmate food funds for other than feeding the inmates she is probably doing a nanny nanny boo boo you can't stop me from feeding them anything I want.....

In addition, if the inmates are not receiving proper nutritional meals the families can always contact the class counsel at  (404) 688-1202.


  1. Sorry but after reading the whole articke I still dont get who are these inmate sheriffs and what happened to their food funds and all. Please elaborate.

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