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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Disheartened

We hear on a daily basis how disheartened many of the folks in Morgan County are over the fact that our sheriff Ana Franklin is still in office.  People are screaming for the county commission and the DA to take action.  We say that you folks should calm down and stop with the disillusionment that our sheriff and her goons will not be punished for what they have done.  The whistleblowers will not accept for one minute that what the sheriff did to Warden Bradley is acceptable.  We hear from the comments that one individual claims he has not gotten his property back.  Well! guess what?  The whistleblower nor Warden Bradley have gotten their property back.  Cameras with no memory capability gone, family and personal videos gone, cell phones gone, memory chips gone, documents are gone, death certificates gone, and more.  Oh! the whistleblowers did get their office computers back broken.  Multiple copies of hard drives were made, why?  The hard drives that were sent to the forensic specialist were returned to the sheriff's office intact.  We believe that.  However, when they were returned first to an attorney and subsequently to a forensics group for analysis they were broken.  So where are the extra hard drives that made by the sheriff's information technology (IT) specialist?

We say to the disheartened that we believe something is going to happen to rid the corruption in our county.  We believe it started at a creek in Morgan County.  Seeing Greg Steenson standing on the creek bank should give all of those weak of heart or disheartened to hope for a bright future.  Many of the criminal activities uncovered in the past couple of years began with Greg Steenson and the Title Marts.  We believe it will end with Greg Steenson and the Title Marts and Lord only know what else these crooks have been involved in.

The whistleblower has been called delusional and obsessed with the sheriff of Morgan County.  If you call fighting to rid the county of a corrupt sheriff delusional then the whistleblowers are delusional. However, we are not desperate.  We are content and believers in the system.

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  1. I am the person that you posted "Annoymous has questions about receiving guns"....Why is it so hard to get our property back. When in the first place, They had No reason to get your property. They broke the law in order to get it. That's kinda like what I went through. But yes they did have a search warrant, but what they allowed a C.I to do in order to get that search warrant was illegal. And if the Federal Government knew this, it's a $250,000 fine and 5 to 10 years in jail. They break the law in order to make the law...which is sad. And I'm very sure that I will never see those guns again and if I ever do they will probably be in a couple of ziplock bags, but I will make sure that the MCDTF be held reliable and since it was court order twice that I get my property back.... the tables will turn and "Justice will be served".