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Friday, September 1, 2017

Really, Ana

These incidents were reported by the whistleblowers before Franklin took notice.  In addition, a person in a silver SUV and another individual using a CrownVic and or a Grand Marquise was used for stopping citizens in the Eva area/Highway 55 East in Falkville.  Deputy Sain was on the right track when he pissed off one of Sheriff Franklin's daughter's friends.  Now Sain is being punished and the APOST certified deputy is pulling courthouse security instead of his job.

Sheriff warns Morgan County to be wary of erratic drivers

Lauren Estes-Velez
Hartselle Enquirer
Two recent reports with the Morgan County Sheriff’s office allege a driver has attempted to run other drivers “off the road” in certain rural areas of Morgan County.
Sheriff Ana Franklin said she received her potential third report last night that followed the same pattern from two other reports, one dating back as far as two weeks.
“Today I’ve talked to my captain, lieutenant, dispatch, records, and patrol and our reports are no consistent on the type of car,” Franklin said. “There are varying descriptions ranging from a light colored sedan to a dark Crown Vic.  The reports I have recieved show me there are possibly three instances that are connected, with the most recent being last night.”
Franklin stated that thus far in the reports, no one has been hit,  injured, or assaulted, instead the vehicle(s) is reported to attempt to “run other drivers off the road” and “slam on their brakes in an attempt for another driver to hit them.”
“The first report was made by a man whose car was sideswiped while he was en route to Cullman; We are not sure if incident is related but we are investigating,” Franklin said. “We’ve got extra patrol out and we have contacted other agencies seeking reports of someone trying to run someone else off the road. We’ve also inquired about an attempted or physical abductions, assaults or robberies that follow a driver running another driver off the road.”
What has been consistently reported in that the vehicle or vehicles in question will tailgate another driver closely or reportedly drive erratically to attempt to cause another driver to the leave the roadway.
“One of the reports involved a car driving on Forest Chapel Road and another on Evergreen Road,” Franklin said. “They are staying on the West Side of Hartselle. What we are asking is that if you see anyone driving erratically or get someone trying to get you to pull over, do not do it, just contact us immediately. The actions seem to show that the erratic driver is trying to get the other driver to stop. Do not stop. We will keep an extra police presence out, please contact us if you have any information that could lead us to finding this person or persons involved.”
The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office can be reached at 256-351-4800.

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