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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Question by Anonymous

Blogger Comment:  Does anybody have any ideas to provide anonymous on how to retrieve his weapons back from the Morgan County Drug Task Force?  You would think that the judge's order granting this person their guns and vehicle back would be enough.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Comments to WZDZ Article on the ...": 

Need Information ASAP: Does anyone know who I can contact about getting my seized guns back from the Morgan County Drug Task Force. I had an attorney, we did go to court and the judge granted me my seized vehicle back and my guns. Well it took a year almost to get the vehicle back, but I have yet to receive the guns. I have already won the case on the seized property but can't get them. What else is there to do. 


  1. You can kiss those guns good-bye! Ana and her thugs operate strictly on their own, certainly not at the discretion of the court. In fact, I imagine Ana holds courts (and any judges not named Jennifer Howell) in the exact same contempt they hold her in.

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  2. Civil asset forfeiture is nothing but government-authorized stealing. Last I checked, stealing was still a sin in God's eyes.

  3. Nothing at all surprises me with this Sheriff. NOTHING

  4. You know that's right.I doubt you will ever see them .But keep on trying !

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  6. Which you are probably right...I just may never see those guns again, but what I will see once again is 1st MCDTF being held in contempt, 2nd going back to court and watch the MCDTF stand right across from me trying to come up with more lies to tell the judge of why in the hell they are having such a hard time giving me all my property back at once. Especially since the judge did grant this back in 2012 (twice). Twice in 1 year. I mean what's the hold up. Did they just think that I would forget about it. No I'm not a coward. I am just a elderly woman who is wanting what belongs to me. I really don't think the judge will like the fact that the MCDTF is and has tried to over rule them. So they should just spare their embarrassment