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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

November 2, 2010

Blogger Comments:  A new beginning that turned into a disaster with criminal activity, fraud, waste, and abuse, and abuse of power, that has spanned 6 1/2 years.  When will it end?  Will Ana run for sheriff again, or will she be taking holiday in jail?  Our county should be glowing right now with change.  We should be relishing in the power of women; proving that women can do any job a man can do. Instead, we sit in wait for the boom to fall on one of the most corrupt sheriffs the State of Alabama has ever known? 
Franklin portrayed our county as one of the most drug-infested counties in the state. one that she was going to rid of drugs.  Now when you mention Morgan County folks say isn’t that the county whose sheriff is always in the news? Is it true your sheriff took inmate food funds for her personal use?  Isn’t that the county where the sheriff fired the Warden and illegally obtained documents and placed Keylogger software on a whistleblowers office and personal computers?  Isn’t that the sheriff that paid cash for a huge property in Saraland in?  Isn’t that the sheriff that neglected her office and left inmates to go hungry and failed to give them their doctor-prescribed medication? Isn’t that the sheriff who hired her common-law son-in-law as a corrections officer while he was jailed in Limestone County jail?  Isn’t that the woman who fired a female corrections officer after she self-reported the 3rd recurrence of cancer?  Isn’t that the sheriff who allowed the county to foot the bills for her drug task force at the same time the sheriff was padding the pockets of her drug task force officer Robert Wilson with overtime?  Isn’t that the sheriff that hired her daughter to work in the sheriff’s office while pushing the hard-working Coopers out of their jobs?  You get the picture.  Franklin caused the morale of the MCSO to drop to the lowest it has ever been. She cheated deputies out of time and overtime worked while favoring her favorites with hundreds of thousands of dollars of overtime never worked.  Franklin succeeded in getting rid of many of the deputies and employees of the previous sheriff’s employees fearing they would not support her corruption.  Franklin did not count on some die-hard employees who refused to let her get the best of them.  These people are the fiber of the MCSO, they refuse to allow her to take them down.
Is this sheriff the image we want to represent our county in the future? Isn't it time to say no more Sheriff Ana Franklin, no more?
Ana Franklin to be Morgan County's first female sheriff

Keith Clines, The Huntsville TimesBy Keith Clines, The Huntsville Times 
on November 02, 2010 at 11:35 PM, updated November 02, 2010 at 11:45 PM
View full sizeAna Franklin won the Morgan County sheriff's race in a landslide.
HUNTSVILLE, AL. - Republican Ana Franklin made history today when Morgan County voters elected her to become the county's first female sheriff.
Franklin, a former investigator in the department, defeated Democrat Tom Little, a former Decatur police officer, in a landslide with 23,916 votes, or 61 percent, to Little's 14,973 votes, or 38 percent, with all but provisional ballots counted.
Franklin will join Clay County's Jean Dot Alexander as the only female sheriffs in the state.
Franklin ousted two term Republican incumbent Greg Bartlett in the July runoff elections.
Franklin is a former canine handler, undercover agent and sheriff's investigator.
She investigated drugs and crimes against children until 2008 when she left the department to open a gym and consider running for sheriff.
In other Morgan County races, Republican Ray Long received 27,576 votes, or 71 percent, to Democrat Clay New's 11,013 votes, or 29 percent, to become the next chairman of the Morgan County Commission.
Long, who is the Somerville mayor, will replace Republican John Glasscock, who finished last in the Republican primary in June.
In the Morgan County Commission District 1 race, Republican Jeff Clark won the seat with 27,845 votes, or 73 percent, to Democrat Darrell Allen's 10,547 votes, or 27 percent.
In the Morgan County Commission District 2 race, Republican Randy Vest won with 28,007 votes, or 73 percent, to Democrat James Ray Bowling's 10,201 votes, or 27 percent.
Vest ousted incumbent Ken Livingston in the July runoff.
In the race for Morgan County coroner, Republican Jeff Chunn received 28,129 votes, or 73 percent, to Democrat Brent Gailey's 10,213 votes, or 27 percent.
The race for Morgan County Board of Education District 4 was won by Republican Paul Holmes, who received 11,280 votes, or 73 percent, to Democrat Stacy Lee George's 4,065 votes, or 26 percent. George is a former Morgan County commissioner.
County voters approved a state constitutional amendment that applies only to Morgan County that would prohibit an occupational tax from being imposed on people who work in the county.
The occupational tax prohibition was approved with 21,713 votes, or 68 percent, to 10,239 votes, or 32 percent.


  1. One of my most regretted votes.

  2. Everyone in the County I have spoken too has said her days are numbered in office if the higher ups do what I suspect they are doing.

  3. And the rest of her days should be spent in jail and all the money she has stolen paid back.