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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Morgan County Sheriff's Office have visitors

Deutsch (German) Police Officers (Polizei) are visiting the Morgan County Jail today.  Is Frau Ana in the office and does she Sprechen Sie Deutch?  We hear that Franklin is walking around in all her glory.

We sent them the whistleblower blog address.  No need in those across the pond being deceived like the rest of us...


  1. Maybe they can teach our Sheriff how to a normal professional Sheriffs Department. Get drug dogs qualified, not steal, lie under oath. I doubt it unfortunately they wont be here long enough.

  2. Its a shame they have to come here when the Sheriffs office is in the shape they are in. They are going to go back to Germany and say we have shit in order...this Sheriff is a crazy mess. I hear they have been laughing their asses off over this blog.!