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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Lies, lies, and more lies see the lies in red

Blogger Comments:  So why are the whistleblowers going back to 2009?  We are in repeat mode with the Morgan County sheriff this term.  Do we really want to give her a 3rd term?  Check out the lies in red, then think about all the money, property, and equipment that is unaccounted for...

Ana Franklin running for Morgan County sheriff 

  • Ana Franklin is making history as the first woman to run for sheriff of Morgan County.
    Franklin, 45, is running for the Republican nomination against two-term incumbent Greg Bartlett and contender Noel Mayfield, a former Decatur police officer.
    Franklin was an investigator for the sheriff's office before retiring in December, when she went into business buying Family Fitness Center.
    Franklin said that, if elected, she would run a transparent sheriff's office. 
    Blogger Comments:  We found out that the sheriff's idea of transparency isn't the same as most peoples.
    Most of us see transparency as clear.  Others, however, have a different perception of transparency.
    Sheriff Franklin claims she made the sheriff's office financials readily available to all.

    "I think the sheriff's office is probably one of the biggest responsibilities there is in Morgan County," Franklin said. "There are so many opportunities to do good in that office. We need to look at the things that are good and keep them, and we need to look at things that are not and change those."
    Blogger Comments:  The above comment is one of the most important comments Franklin has ever made. It is time to change those things within the sheriff's office that is not good. Goodbye Sheriff Franklin, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, Justin Powell, Larry and Pam Berzett, Dee and Brian Goodwin, Ron Livingston, Deputy Whittle, and Chief Corley.
    Franklin said sheriff's office financial records for such funds as the pistol permit and inmate food would be available for citizen inspection if she were elected.
    Blogger Comments:  Really Ana?  If we come into the sheriff's office today will you make the records available to us?  Will you print us a copy of the records with the real spreadsheets that reflect the real records and not the cooked books?
    "I'll work hard and I will do it with integrity," she said.
    Blogger Comments:  What? Did Franklin really use the word integrity?
    Franklin said she would immediately apply for grants to help pay for putting resource officers in the county's school system.
    Blogger Comments:  Grants?  Really Ana?  This is sad.  We need the school resource officers and not a lying sheriff.  
    "Community awareness through education is critical," she said. "We don't have any resource officers in our county schools and there are grants that can be obtained to put them there. I would get the funding because it's needed."
    Blogger Comments:  There are all kinds of grants that Franklin should have applied for.  The key word here is "should have."
    In addition to working at the sheriff's office, Franklin also was a volunteer in Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakley's office and a volunteer and founding member of the North Alabama Search Dog Association.
    "(Blakely) told me there was no bigger responsibility than to be a law enforcement officer, and that's what I believe," she said.
    In the Morgan County Sheriff's Office, Franklin was lead investigator for the sex offenders unit.
    She was named the 2007 Morgan County Law Enforcement Officer of the year because she had the highest number of arrests in the county.
    Blogger Comments:  She had the highest number of arrests in the county.  Was Franklin setting people up in 2007 as she has since her election of sheriff in 2010?  It's time the arrester becomes the arrestee.......
    She was the first woman assigned to the county's drug task force and worked vice and narcotics, where she saw first-hand the dangers of crystal meth.
    "I am the only candidate who is certified in meth labs, and I made hundreds of meth arrests," she said. "I didn't come after everything was over. I suited up and was one of the first to go through the doors, pulling samples."
    She told The Decatur Daily that law enforcement is more than making arrests.
    Blogger Comments:  Franklin told the daily that law enforcement is more than making arrests.  Well, she sure proved those words.  Her version of law enforcement was to make arrests, lie, cheat, steal, commit fraud, waste, and abuse, and to abuse her position as sheriff.   
    "Sure, we want to arrest those who break the law, but we also need to do prevention through educational sources," she said. "That's why I feel we should start when they're young in school teaching them about meth and crime."
    Blogger Comments:  Franklin said it first "we want to arrest those who break the law".  The whistleblowers are ready to have those arrests made.  We want the sheriff and her goons arrested for breaking the law.


    1. "She was named the 2007 Morgan County Law Enforcement Officer of the year because she had the highest number of arrests in the county."

      I can't be the only one that finds this disturbing. This is nothing more than an incentive for the deputies to find offenses that previously didn't exist. Their priority becomes petty crimes like public intoxication, and also to pull people over for any reason to fish for a reason to make an arrest. The downside is that while petty crimes are heavily enforced, the more serious crimes like burglary and domestic violence get ignored.

    2. So she says: "There are so many opportunities to do good in that office." Apparently there are also many opportunities to do WELL!

    3. Ask Steven Ziaja...he can tell you all about her lies.