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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hope your sitting down

Can you believe that sheriff Franklin actually is having an open competitive bid for the phone service?  Franklin is actually having a pre-bid meeting today which includes 9 - 12 vendors.  Amazing.  Yesterday she had some of the inmates cleaning the walls with bleach water.

Why didn't sheriff Franklin have fair and open competitions from the beginning?  Franklin realized early on that she could circumvent the competitive bid process and has taken advantage of it ever since taking office.  Now all of a sudden she is trying to play the game.

We can't help but wonder why now?  What is Franklin worried about these days that hasn't worried her in the past?

Are we to believe there will be no $5,000.00 dollar donations from specific vendors, no wining and dining to get donations for the posse?  Speaking of the posse, what has happened to all of the out-of- town trips the posse used to take and the $25,000.00 per year fee to have a company manage the rodeos?  

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