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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Hear we go again

Blogger Comments in blue below.  

Morgan's district court judges recuse themselves from warden case

  • By Michael Wetzel Staff Writer
  • Updated 

A misdemeanor case against the former warden of the Morgan County Jail is being prosecuted by the state Attorney General's Office, and three local judges have recused themselves from the matter.
Blogger Comments:  At this point, I doubt any judge in Morgan County will want to touch this case to include Jennifer Howell.  
Leon Bradley, accused of releasing internal Morgan County Sheriff's Office documents to a blogger critical of Sheriff Ana Franklin, was released on $300 bail after being charged Sept. 15 with one count of tampering with government records. According to the court file, the evidence supporting the charge is that Bradley allegedly had possession of personnel files in an outbuilding at his home.
Blogger Comments:  One count for having an original document in his possession.  One 3rd degree misdemeanor.  Yet, Franklin and sidekick Blake Robinson claimed that Leon and the whistleblower were facing 175 felony charges.  Hum!  Blake Robinson, the same person along with Ana Franklin, Billable Barney, Bones Wilson, and Justin Powell met with Daniel to plot a break-in of the whistleblowers office to steal documents, video the office, and place KEYLOGGER software on the computers.  Blake Robinson who had Daniel stick his head outside the whistleblowers office front door so that he could prove to Sheriff Ana Franklin that they had successfully entered the whistleblowers office.  Hum!
Bradley was fired from the Sheriff's Office on Oct. 13, 2016.
According to a filing in a separate civil suit, charges are possible against the blogger, Glenda Lockhart, of Falkville. Lockhart sued Franklin and three deputies over various issues, including violation of her right to free speech, disruption of her business and alleged damage to her company's computers after sheriff's deputies seized them in its investigation of Bradley and Lockhart.
Blogger Comments:  The computers were sent to Sheriff Ana Franklin's Forensics Computer Specialist of choice.  Nothing was found on the whistleblower's computers that were confidential or sensitive except for the KEYLOGGER software.  In addition, we believe the hard drives were in perfect working condition when returned to the MCSO.  The MCSO must have thought the whistleblowers are as dumb as they are.  The whistleblowers had the office and personal computers sent to their IT group of choice.  In addition, the MCSO made three copies of the hard drives before sending them to forensics.  What happened to those hard drives? 
"Due to the likelihood that the ongoing investigation will possibly result in charges being brought against additional individuals, including the plaintiff (Lockhart), and because the evidence in this case will bleed over into the investigation, the defendants respectfully request that this matter continues to be stayed," Franklin's attorney, Barney Lovelace, wrote in a joint status report filed Monday in federal court.
Blogger Comments:  Time will tell if additional charges are filed against the whistleblowers.  Should they be filed against the whistleblowers we will bond out and continue with the blog.  At this point in Sheriff Ana Franklin's career, she is desperate.  Just as she was desperate why multiple agencies were standing on a creek bed with Greg Steenson in attendance.  Time will tell what the outcome will be.
On Sept. 19, judges Brent Craig, Charles Langham and Shelly Slate Waters filed recusal orders in the Bradley case. An Oct. 26 arraignment in district court has been canceled until another judge is assigned the case, according to Craig’s recusal filing signed Sept. 19.
The state Attorney General’s Office has appointed Assistant Attorney General Andrew Arrington as counsel.
Morgan County District Attorney Scott Anderson said his office is not involved in the case. He said he recused his office from the case because of his acquaintance with Bradley.
Bradley referred questions to his attorney, Nick Heatherly, of Huntsville. Heatherly was unavailable for comment, a spokesman in his office said.
Bradley, 62, of Decatur, served as warden for 13 years until he was fired for violating department policy, according to Franklin.
Franklin said the Etowah County Sheriff’s Office and the state Attorney General’s Office are handling the investigation. She said she did not know if Bradley will face additional charges.
Blogger Comments:  Hum!!1
Etowah County sheriff's investigators did not return calls seeking comment.
Tampering with government records is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $6,000.
Bradley's termination notice said he violated department policies concerning acceptable internet use, misusing county property, compromising confidential information, removing county property without authorization, and providing information detrimental to the Sheriff’s Office to someone outside the office.
Morgan County sheriff's deputies executed a search warrant on Bradley’s Southwest Decatur home in early October 2016. Court records show deputies seized at least 22 items, including computers and flash drives.
In a summary statement of the search, Deputy Sgt. Blake Robinson wrote, “During the search, we discovered a filing cabinet, located in an outbuilding, on the curtilage of Leon’s property. That filing cabinet contained hundreds of files of employee information. These files contained original documents, some of which are sensitive, that were not located within the original employee files at the Sheriff’s Office.”
In a charge sheet filed with the court, Robinson referenced 175 counts of computer tampering involving both Bradley and Lockhart, although Etowah County charged Bradley with only one count.
Blogger Comments:  Where was the document containing the 175 county felonies staffed?  Did it go through the Morgan County Clerks Office and the Morgan County DA's office?  If it did and they recused themselves then wasn't the whistleblower under investigation in Etowah County Sheriff's Office?  We don't know if the whistleblowers are under investigation or not.  We do know that Sheriff Ana Franklin is under an investigation.  Just as Mickey Hammond was.  Franklin, have you been seen around town with Hammond? Just asking.
“In accordance with this statute, Leon Bradley held under his control volumes of government records without legitimate authority," the Etowah County report said. "According to the MCSO, Leon Bradley continued to maintain control over these records despite being directly ordered otherwise by Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin.”
Blogger Comments:  We doubt any supervisor worth his or her weight doesn't have documents stored at their home.  Sheriff Ana Franklin, do you remember the boxes you had moved out of the sheriff's office when we reported the Ethics Violation against you for hiring your common law son-in-law.  You do remember, don't you?  Did those boxes of documents go to your home for safekeeping?  It is also interesting to note that now you,  Berzett, and Corley all remember you telling all supervisors to bring the documents they maintain back into the office.  Berzett your lead man in the jail.  Berzett who is so arrogant that he refuses to stop when outside agencies try to stop him when driving at high speeds.  Berzett who claims to be APOST certified and dresses in MCSO garments that reflect he is APOST certified.  Berzett that drives a vehicle with all the bells and whistles of an APOST certified deputy.  You see, we submitted an Alabama Open Record Request to verify whether  Berzett was or was not APOST certified.  Chief Deputy Mike Corley who has abused his position for years.  Chief Deputy Corley who spent years leaving his office every Thursday Morning and going to the Cullman Cattle Sale.  Once we took pictures and watched to see the number of hours spent goofing off in a MCSO vehicle stopped going to the Cullman Cattle Sales and moved his operation to the Marshall County Livestock Sales.  Oh! Did we mention that he traveled to the County Shop to pick up an unmarked vehicle so that the whistleblowers would not know he was going to the sales in Marshall County?  MCSO Ana Franklin, Berzett, and Corley are exemplary examples of the MCSO.  Leon Bradley worked at home so they raid his house and at the MCSO.  If you can believe Franklin, Corley, and Berzett, Bradley was ordered to bring all office documents back to the office.  We don't believe Ana and her backup team of Corley and Berzett.  Leon Bradley did something the aforementioned MCSO representatives don't do.  He worked. He wasn't out building homes, fences, stables, and barns in Saraland on taxpayers dollars.  He wasn't sitting and sipping coffee at a little coffee shop in Eva, Alabama nor was he spending every Tuesday or Thursday at a cattle sale buying and selling livestock.  He wasn't  pretending to be APOST certified and running a posse or rodeo events.  He wasn't walking into the buildings where money was counted and picking up hundreds of dollars of special needs money and poking in his pocket like Berzett did.  
The Etowah County Sheriff is just doing the job he has been tasked with.  Bradley and the whistleblowers sat back and wait while the sheriff and her goons criminal activities continue.  We don't mind waiting for the boom to drop on Franklin and fiends.  Yes! I mean fiends.  
Bradley, who became warden Aug. 13, 2003, had not been cited for any policy violations, nor had any disciplinary actions been taken against him during his tenure, according to his personnel file. The file was provided by Franklin in response to a public records request from The Decatur Daily.
Bradley received “good” and “very good” grades by former Sheriff Greg Bartlett when Bradley’s probationary period ended. He received “good” and “excellent” marks on a 2009 evaluation by Bartlett.
Bradley was in charge of more than 60 educational and church programs for inmates. He also handled inmate needs, Franklin said, at the time of his firing.
Blogger Comments:  Review Warden Bradley's good works compared to Sheriff Ana Franklin and Larry Berzetts work with the special needs rodeo.  How much cash was deposited to the account?  How much money went to purchase and help the special needs in our community?  How many wheelchairs or special needs equipment and other needs were purchased for the special needs?  How many rodeo gowns, fancy hats, shirts, and travel were provided to the rodeo queens that could have gone for Special Needs or to backup resources within the sheriff's office?  How many $3,000 to $5,000 dollar saddles were donated to the rodeo queens?  Look at all the pictures of Sheriff Franklin and Pam Berzett selling T-shirts and other posse goods to the public.  Who paid for those products, sheriff, and where did the money go?  Who paid for all the special gear for the posse horses, saddles, gear, horse blankets, and the clothing you and the posse wore?  Using special needs money for anything other than special needs or for the sheriff's office needs is a disgrace to you and all your followers who made money off of the rodeo.  Didn't the sheriff also pay a company out of Biloxi, Mississippi $25,000.00 per year to work the rodeos? 
In the civil case Lockhart filed against the sheriff, the joint status report filed Monday by lawyers for both parties at one point says charges are possible against Lockhart, but at another point reads, "The defendants report that the criminal investigation of Mr. Bradley is still active and ongoing. ... but neither party is aware of active criminal investigation wherein charges would be brought against Glenda Lockhart."
The report was submitted by Lovelace and defendants' attorney, J. Randall McNeill.
"I'm confident no charges will be brought against me because I have done nothing wrong," Lockhart said.

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  1. I wont stay silent. Her and her cronies should be absolutely ashamed to try to destroy Leon Bradley. Leon had morals and ethics and was looked up to in this community. She should be ashamed to what she has done to Morgan County...all the lies...nepotism...stealing funds. What a disgrace to all those good employees who were railroaded by her reign of terror. All I can possibly say to her is good luck.