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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Corrupt Cops Compilation - Some seem familiar to our problem here in Morgan County


  1. Unfortunately this is a national crisis right now that we typically ignore. Instead of addressing the problem head on that police are out of control and very rarely get disciplined we get all PC and say things like "Most cops are good" or "A few bad apples in every profession." We could go all day with videos like these as I follow these types of stories as much as I can (the two cops in the first clip were sentenced to 5 years each).

    It happens in Morgan County too. We can take up for the deputies suffering under Ana's failed leadership all we want but I've encountered my fair share over the last few years. Every single one of them has lied to me in some form or fashion. Yes, I even have video of them doing it because it's crazy NOT to record your interactions with cops these days.

    It's not "cop hating" to say we have a serious problem. It's a problem when the people in uniform that we should be able to trust are routinely dishonest with us. I'll end with another serious police problem that most of us are ignorant of.

  2. This sounds way too familiar in Morgan County. One of my good friends in the dept told me the drug task force officer has shot over 25 dogs...golden retrievers, rat terriers and laughs about it now. I can see a fierce pit bull threatening someone's life but innocent animals.? Disgusting

    1. Ah, yes. It's called "puppycide" and it's just another oft ignored problem with cops in addition to the domestic violence one I posted above. The DOJ had estimated that 25-30 dogs are killed by cops each day, but that's only through the voluntarily submitted data. It's likely the kill count each day is much much higher.

      One that caught a lot of attention a few years back was a golden retriever named Aubie. Franklin took a lot of heat for how she responded, basically threatening legal action against someone that made a Facebook page critical of the shooting. First Amendment much?

      Of course the cops claimed the dog was ferocious and was lunging at them, but if you have the stomach to watch just look up "Justice for Aubie" on Youtube. The first video should be one where the owner unwraps the corpse of poor Aubie. From the angle of the bullet wound, I find it extremely difficult to believe Aubie was lunging towards someone. The wound is located just before where the right front leg is, on the side.

  3. Just how many innocent animals have to die ? And how many innocent people? as well !!!!!!!!!