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Friday, September 29, 2017

Billable Barney's got a grin on his face

Blogger Comments:  Billable Barney certainly has a grin on his face.
Guess that means that he is about to get paid by the county again.
While Sheriff Franklin is busy telling everybody who will listen I
won.  I won again.  Not so fast Sheriff.  You are still facing the
provisions that require you to ensure that inmates who take prescribed
medications are allowed to see a physician to continue their treatment
within 48 hours of intake and those who appear to be suffering from
serious mental illnesses or suicidal tendencies.

These provisions may be an issue since Sheriff Franklin is notorious
for playing doctor and making the decisions on inmate medical care and
medication.  We know this first hand.  No sheriff should be allowed to
decide that they know better than the prescribing physician.  We know
family after family that told us about their experiences with the
sheriff in regards to their loved one medications and mental illness.

We remember the day clearly when family members were allowed to start
bringing their loved one's medications to the jail.  The families were
lined up awaiting their turn.

Franklin claimed in a news article that she has a 24X7 mental health
ward with qualified caregivers around the clock.  Franklin lied her
butt off.

Isn't Barney the attorney that Sheriff Ana Franklin brought
approximately $38,000.00 in cash and checks to give to a widow woman
Greg Steenson had cheated?  It seems like at least $28,000. or 29,000
thousand dollars was in cash that never went through Barney's office
account.  You would think that an attorney would question where this
kind of cash came from.

Parties agree to drop court orders over inmate treatment

  • By Evan Belanger Staff Writer

Opposing legal counsel in a long-running dispute over the treatment of prisoners at the Morgan County Jail have agreed to drop all but two of dozens of federal court orders after an investigation by the Southern Center for Human Rights.
In a motion filed today, attorneys for the Southern Center and the Sheriff’s Office proposed a court order that would end nearly all remaining provisions of the court orders, including all provision related to nutrition and use of force by jailers.
The motion says the Southern Center’s investigation did not find evidence that the provisions were still needed to correct a current and ongoing violation of the inmates’ federal rights. The Southern Center did not agree to dismiss two provisions, which will be addressed in a hearing Oct. 4 and 5.
Those provisions require the jail to ensure that inmates who take prescribed medications be allowed to see a physician to continue their treatment within 48 hours of intake. They also require that inmates who appear to be suffering from serious mental illnesses or suicidal tendencies during intake are promptly seen by a qualified mental health specialist.
“We are confident that the care and treatment of all inmates with a mental health issue are very well taken care of and given the appropriate treatment and medication needed,” said Barney Lovelace, attorney for the sheriff’s office.
District Judge Abdul Kallon had not ruled on the proposed order as of Thursday afternoon. He approved a similar settlement agreement dropping several provisions earlier this month.
Kallon previously dropped an order barring the sheriff from keeping leftover jail food money as personal income but found Sheriff Ana Franklin in contempt for taking $160,000 from the fund before that order was dropped. Franklin returned the money before Kallon ruled on the issue.
Sarah Geraghty, attorney for the Southern Center, was not available for comment.


  1. Enougg is enough. Someone needs to do a foia request on how much this corrupt attorney has made off the taxpayers of our county defending a corrupt sheriff

  2. and a request on why everyones phones and facebook accounts have been hacked. Dirty folks in trouble. You can run but you cant hide.