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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

You believe me, don't you?

My constituents, I want you to know I will not run this office as my predecessors did.  I will be honest, transparent, I will serve the citizens of this county with an iron fist, I will rid the county of drugs, METH, and other crimes that plague our county.  I will never fall into the traps that others before me did.

 I want you to know that the whistleblowers are putting out nothing but fake news.  Fake I say.  I want to assure you I never hired my daughter Erika to work in the sheriff's office and I absolutely did not force the Cooper's out.  I did not hire my first cousin as contract labor.  I did not hire my common law son-in-law who has a criminal history as a corrections officer, and no, he was never in jail in Limestone or Madison counties.  Oh, and hiring Ron Livingston was not a campaign promise; it was simply the best man for the job at the time.  I did not fire Doug Key, he quit.  I had never met Larry Berzett before I decided to hire him.

I did not purchase horse trailers, horses, gear, saddles, blankets, rodeo queen gowns, embroidered hats, blouses, jackets, or other attire using MCSO money.  I absolutely did not pay for out of town posses for family, friends, pageant queens, their families, or others with MCSO money. Not one single time did I do that.  You believe me, don't you?  Do you think I am a thief?  I did not use MCSO money for anything posse.  I made sure that all proceeds from the posse were deposited into the posse account.  I donated a lot of money to special needs.  The rest of the money was used to enhance the sheriff's office operation.  We were also able to use some of the funds for employee bonuses.  You do believe me, don't you?

I did not take ANY money from the sheriff's office for personal gain at any time during my first term. During my run for reelection, I did not use sheriff's office assets nor buy the election using FOP influence.  I did not borrow $5,000.00 from Performance Auto Sales, nor did I purchase horse trailers, tractors, trucks, four wheelers, or a bucket truck from Performance Auto Sales.  I absolutely did not take a $1,500.00 campaign donation from Performance Auto Sales. My daughter, daddy, and others in my family did not work for Performance Auto Sales aka Title Marts during my campaign or after my reelection.  I did not and I repeat I did not invest $150,000.00 in the Title Marts for a guaranteed 30-day return at 45% interests.  Those monies came from my retirement and savings. I did not receive any money back from my investment.  None of my employees such as Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, or other law enforcement officers, nor my family invested in the Title Marts.  Nobody I know invested in Performance Auto Sales but little ole me.
I have worked very hard to ensure the integrity of the MCSO is not tainted by corruption, fraud, waste, and abuse, I will not steal from the MCSO, and I will ensure that all employees and deputies are treated fairly and that each deserving employee receives training, promotions, awards, and incentives, and raises for their hard work.  I will ensure that the K-9 units have everything they need to support their mission.  I will never force employees out for selfish or self-centered personal reasons.  Sherman, Hundley, Hayes, Davis, Bradley and the multiple others deserve everything that came their way.  I am Mama Ana to each and every one of you.  You believe me, don't you?

The whistleblowers keep telling lies about me.  I must stop the whistleblowers.  I will show them.  I will throw them under the bus.  I will make them pay.  I will get into their office and destroy them.  I will find out who they are talking to and fire every employee that has told lies about me, Bones, and Blake.  Well! I did it. I proved the whistleblowers are liars, I got all the proof, but I did not break into anybody's office and take information before I obtained a legal warrant.  Everything was clearly above board.  The whistleblowers are felons.  I will prove it and throw them under the bus.  Damn, now the Class Council for the inmates is taking me to court for stealing inmate food funds and not feeding the inmates nutritional meals, can you believe it?  I was never told that I could not access those funds, or use them for anything other than feeding the inmates.  Nobody told me.  I didn't understand the consent decree.

Can you believe that a Federal Judge found me guilty of contempt of court, and charged me a $1,000.00?  I paid the money back.  Well sort of.  I deposited the money in my personal account that I call the Inmate Funds.  Nobody will ever know that the money wasn't deposited in the MCSO Inmate Food Funds.  That's not a crime.  Now the whistleblowers are claiming that I bought and paid for land, homes, and property in Saraland, Alabama.  They think the money came from the MCSO funds.  I have worked very hard and I paid cash for everything that I bought.  Those funds were not MCSO funds.  Oh! and by the way that ain't my house in Saraland.

I am the rock of this office.  I have worked harder than any of my predecessors.  I have never taken a dime from this office.  I have never used MCSO assets for my own personal gain, and that house in Saraland I promise it isn't mine.  I know the owners but it ain't me.  You believe me, don't you? I have rarely been in the news.  You believe me, don't you?  Don't you?


  1. Wow, Alissa (daughter)did work as a secretary, Sandy J. helped do some of the office paperwork. THE Coopers left before being treated badly, and Ron Livingston was certified in the 80's and didn't pass recert. Beretta was her buddy from Limestonr Co so sounds like lots of lies. There is not a pic you could find with a nosense that long. Hope she is voted out anyone could do better, Bartlett was a crook but was a better sheriff to the employees, that saying a lot too...................remember to vote someone else in when the time comes Morgan Co deserves someone that will accept their salary and that's it not thieves like the last 10+ years......

  2. absolutley none of that is this Franklin persons property. Yall are fking crazy. Keep your bullshit in Morgan county