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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Why Ana?

Why is Sheriff Franklin putting out inaccurate information?  Why does Franklin think that we will post the information?   Does she think the whistleblowers will just put out information before we have an opportunity to validate it?

When we realize that we have put out inaccurate information we immediately correct our data. Unlike Sheriff Franklin, we admit when we make mistakes.

Franklin, what is up with you? Please spend your time communicating with the commission and obtaining grants that are needed to keep the drug task force going.

We realize that the reason you went to the press was to upset the community and blame the commission for all the financial issues within the sheriff's office so that you would not take the blame.  You have succeeded to a point that lots of folks are angry.  It is disappointing that the commission can't hold a town hall and let the public know what is going on.  We personally thought the Decatur Daily laid the story out well.  Apparently, you still have a few supporters that listen to your pity party.

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