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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Who is looking out for the whistleblowers

Early last night in the sleepy little beautiful little town of Falkville we had our own bit of excitement. Falkville PD stopped a vehicle next to the whistleblower's office.  Calls quickly began coming in that the whistleblower's office was under siege again.  This all happened around 8:30 p.m. last night as family and friends were saying their goodbyes to the family.

The whistleblower had just finished a late dinner with friend and family when she began receiving calls from concerned citizens that said her office was under siege by the police.  As it turns out the Falkville PD had an individual pulled over in front of her office.  Calls were coming in and going out with all of the excitement, fear, worry, and concern.

We want to thank all of the concerned citizens that contacted Glenda with concern that Sheriff Ana Franklin was up to no good again.   We knew that Franklin was out of town and we didn't think that she would order a siege on one of us unless she was able to watch the carnage take place.

Again, we really appreciate all of the concern for our well being.   We would also like to thank Falkville PD for getting the bad guys off of our street.  Falkville PD does not travel out of town weekly they manage to stay in town and perform their jobs.


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    1. There are great police officers that upholds the oth they took when they became a officer of the law.and i know alot of them .and we thank yall and respect those ones and we all thank god we have them.i know i do .me and my family.falkville is one of the towns that all the officers are great.and alot of Morgan countys officers.but not but a hand full. But we all are thankfull for the good and true ones .:)

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