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Saturday, August 5, 2017


We will continue to disclose information regarding the sheriff's new home in Saraland as it comes available.  One anonymous said yesterday that they happen to know the real owners of the property and that they are a prominent well-known family in the area.  It is interesting that anonymous happens to know the family unless anonymous is either Ana or Charley posting.  Either way, it doesn't matter we have researched the property thoroughly and we will never give out the address.

The previous owner has a lot of different businesses to include real estate, construction, and much more.  It will be interesting to follow the money to see if the previous owner removed money from his or her bank account to upgrade the property.  Sit back and relax.  Nothing will happen until Mama Ana is indicted and subpoenas go out.

At the end of the day, the day that Mama Ana is indicted, the truth will come out about the property. So believe us or not the truth will come out.  Charley, being in a position of power within Mobile County, surely has friends who were willing to allow him and Mama Ana to pay as they go.  Cash only.  Wow!

The four horse trailer pictured on the Saraland properties belongs to the Berzett's, according to our source.

Did we mention that Sheriff Franklin's youngest daughter no longer works for a title loan company? She is now going to real estate school.  We wonder if that means she is planning to join the real estate world and move to Saraland to be close to Mama Ana.


  1. Let me get this straight, you've traveled to the other end of the state to fly in an airplane, to take pictures of a private citizen's house and property? Now you've stated that you have researched these folks, and plan to subpoena their personal bank records?
    Does anybody besides me see an issue here?
    The family that owns this property is obviously business savvy, and you believe they've agreed to an under table, cash only, pay-as-you-go, almost half million dollar real estate deal?
    Once again folks, Glenda thinks her readers are idiots.

    1. Well, I don't know about Glenda, but I definitely think they're idiots. And especially you! If the whistleblower posted on the blog that ice-cream was made out of doo-doo, you might not agree with her, but you would still read it anyway, just to see what she posted. I, personally, think you're more obsessed with Glenda's "obsession" than she actually is about Ana and that damn house in Saraland.

  2. Tic tok...ana and her thugs time is up. Best thing i would suggest is tell the truth and nothing but the truth...something Ana has never been able to do.

  3. It's definitely Ana or Charlie posting. Who would be that uptight about what you're posting. If you posted the address they've asked for they will try to sue you, weeks and weeks of them begging you to post the address. Now that you posted pics, no more begging of the address...they spent their whole day looking at google maps because the driveway was defined (stupid) Ana your as retarded as they come....folks did you see her interviews after the court hearings. Trying to maintain professionalism, but rattling off like a dumb a@@. I think even your lawyer interrupted you a few times so you couldnt dig your hole deeper. Get real, Here is a clue...don't talk and don't post. You have a problem with "trying to sound intelligent and intimidating" but, you're a broken record of ignorance. I bet you're a little shocked at those pictures they posted...of your belongings and your horses, I mean get real. Who else would post on here would be the person this all means the most too. I'm a regular reader and you're not fooling anyone. Keep maintaining the obvious...smh.

  4. Nope, not Ana. I'm just somebody who isn't stupid enough to believe your continual pack of lies. "They" didn't find the property, I did. As I said earlier, Saraland only has a handful of farms, it wasn't exactly hard to figure out. Yes,I did ask repeatedly for the address, at the time I thought this was just a random location for Glenda to base another lie. I never dreamed her and Rick would actually find a farm, rent a freakin airplane, and take over 500 pictures, of a house belonging to a complete stranger, it's insane. Glenda has now stated that people are in danger. Glenda has stated that she will subpoena this family's personal bank records. At what point will this become stalking, or worse?
    It's been fun, at times, commenting on this blog, but you people are truly nuts. Window-licking, crayon-eating insane.