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Monday, August 14, 2017

Turning the tide

It is been obvious for a long time that something within the Morgan County sheriff's office just wasn't right.  We have worked hard to uncover the gross misuse of power, corruption, legal, and ethical conduct by some of those in positions of power within the sheriff's office.  Most of the comments are comical and are written to be mean-spirited from both sides of the aisle.  The frustration is high and a lot of people want to lash out at others.  That is not what the blog is about but we cannot control peoples anger and frustration and anonymous comments.  It is interesting that anonymous accuses us of censoring the comments when we shut the comments down. Now they blame us for all the unfavorable comments about the corrupt sheriff and her followers.  As we have said before you can't please them all.

There has been a lot of speculation about what was pulled from the river last week and why Greg Steenson was present at the event.  No matter what was found in the river we hope it was enough to put the corrupt people involved in prison.

Sheriff Franklin and her goons have had their hands in so much corruption that it would be impossible to guess what was in the bag.  All we can do on the outside looking in is hope and pray that it is enough to put the corrupt Sheriff Ana Franklin, Steven Ziaja, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, Justin Powell, and the others that have helped the sheriff use her sticky fingers to rob from the county to pay for their perks.

Speaking of corruption we encourage everyone to get out and vote tomorrow.  Vote NO for Luther Strange.  Strange and ex-governor Bentley are two peas in a pod.  Both had their own personal association with Sheriff Franklin and knew of her corruption.  Neither Strange nor Bentley took action to correct our local problems.  How could they?  They were in the thick of it.


  1. Ana. Luther. Bentley. Booger, Bones and Blake. They're all just as crooked as a dog leg and corrupt as they come. Ana needs to be arrested ASAP and Luther needs to be voted out of the office he was never actually elected to occupy in the first place.

  2. IF they were searching for evidence, and IF they found something, and IF Steenson was there...I'll bet ya a dollar it was something your close "friend", Harold Jeffreys, doesn't want to be public.
    Why else would Steenson be there?
    Or, maybe he wasn't, and your trying to spin up another lie?

  3. Hahaha it couldnt be anythinf to do with our sweet sheriff or her thugs. Oh heavens no. She is the Sheriff...she would never ever lie...haha Not