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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Time keeps on slipping into the future

It is hard to say right now who is running the MCSO.  It sure isn’t the sheriff.  We hear the MCSO employees cringe when they realize Ana is in the building.  She has definitely been very busy spinning her web of lies here lately.  She needs to prove the whistleblowers cannot be trusted, she is grasping for anything she can to make us look like liars.  She wants to find each and every deputy, clerk, corrections officer, and trustees who are talking to us.  Good luck Ana but your spins are ridiculous and simply put, down right stupid.  We verify our information before we put pen to paper.  Cases in point: Saraland, Jonathan Stebbins, Performance Auto Sales, your relationship with Ziaja, Greg Steenson and others.  You need to work on your propaganda so that you do not look so ridiculous when you are plotting and scheming.  Franklin is spinning so many tales right now that she can’t even keep up with them.  She claims that Ray Long will be gone in six months and she will not have to worry with him for four more years.  We say Ana don’t worry you won't have to worry about Long for four more years, that is unless you chose to worry about him while you sit in prison and contemplate all of your wrong doing. 

Do you think any of the people listed below care about anyone but themselves?  We don't unless there is a way for them to gain some kind of acknowledgement from it.

We encourage Ana, Ziaja, Livingston, Bones, Blake, Powell, Berzett’s, and Goodwin’s to self-report any and all things they have done that helped cause the issues within the MCSO.  If you know something and you don't want to get caught up in the trash of those listed above you too should self report your actions and/or knowledge of any criminal or corrupt behavior.  BTW, asking the Lord to forgive you is the easy part.  Asking Law Enforcement may be a little bit more difficult.  The Lord loves and forgives.  Law Enforcement isn’t quite as forgiving especially when the corruption is one of their own or several of their own.  Does Ana have you folks so brainwashed that you believe that because you are an employee of a law enforcement agency you can commit crimes with no consequences?  Are you really that brain washed, or are you just down right stupid?  I vote for stupid.  Each of you has a legal and moral responsibility to self-report any adverse information that pertains to you.  Ana and Steven, did you report the truth on your Statements of Economic Interest?  Did you report your Statement of Economic Interest this year?  How many times have you lied on these forms? 


  1. Misery loves company, and birds of a feather flock together. JAIL birds, that is! Somehow, I seriously doubt they'll actually lock Ana's big, fat ass up her own jail (even though that WOULD be poetic justice) I guess the question now becomes: where WILL they incarcerate her? Limestone County, Cullman County, Madison County, Lawrence County, where?

  2. Larry Berzett is the major issue. Of course the Goodwins are right up his butt and have been since day 1. If you spoke up about Larry or disagreed with him you got pushed out.

    1. Wow. This is the truest statement I believe I have ever seen on this page. Everything started going down hill when Berzett came in and started calling the shots. Ana does anything and everything he says. Then they hired all their buddies ie.....Berzetts wife Pam, Brian and Dee Goodwin and the daughters of Ana and granddaughters of the Berzetts. NONE of which had any law enforcement background. Berzett ran that office into the ground and should be held accountable.

    2. I pray all of the low life wanna bees go down soon. Hear she has made some recent arrests for theft...hmmmmm is that not calling the kettle black. Her theft charges run into the hundreds of thousands

  3. As for the state charges, I don't foresee her being in an adjacent county. Then it will be at the discretion of the feds to where she spends her federal time. At this point, I couldn't care less if anyone goes to jail. I just want them GONE so the department can begin rebuilding.

  4. She and her cronies are liars and thieves. Hope the feds take care of every single corrupt person involved