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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Speaking of Sheriff Ana Franklin

Blogger Comments:  Ms. Remkus did a fantastic job on this story but some things have been left out. Left out is that Kay tried several times to obtain a protection order from Judge Jennifer Howell which Howell denied saying that Kay's complaint did not meet the legal requirement to obtain a restraining order.  Unbelievable.  We provided Howell the legal criteria on this blog to help with the law in the next case.  That does not help Kay.  Sheriff Ana Franklin and Blakely did take over the standoff and did share their drink with Roger Stevens.  Sheriff Ana Franklin even promised Stevens to take him by to see his daddy before taking him to jail.  Franklin also placed Stevens in the back seat of her vehicle which had no protective barrier between Stevens and Franklin.  What a sheriff.  Oh! Did we mention that Franklin was friends of the Stevens Family?  Another one of those incidents that Franklin and Howell will never take responsibility for.

Death penalty won't be sought if Decatur man convicted of gunning down ex-wife at bakery


  1. Sounds to me like Scott Anderson may be just a little too lenient on this one. The news about Ana (and her participation in this whole debacle) is not even remotely shocking, however. Not at all. Just more "business as usual," sadly.

  2. Ana and her cronies have destroyed way too many good hatd working innocent deputies lives. Time for them to get in the unemployment line...better yet the commisary work release line

  3. Welcome to Morgan county al. Home of the criminal sheriff...gonna make history soon.

  4. She repeatedly said the Sheriffs Office could not be run with an absent Sheriff but we cant even get ahold of her when there is an event and she is hardly ever at work or even in town. Maybe she is trying to live up life in her last days of freedom. If this I understand but where has she been for the past few years? Kinda glad she is gone but wish she was not off spending all the Sheriffs Office money!