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Friday, August 25, 2017

So! What's up?

We read the comments on a daily basis and it appears there is something strange going on.  Most of the comments from both sides are nasty.   It appears that the die hard supporters of the sheriff have just stopped commenting.  We are not used to going a day without being called disparaging names for telling the truth,  You could say they have gotten as quiet as a church mouse.   Not a peep out of them. Is there a switch they turn on and off or is this the quiet before the storm?


  1. Still here.
    Your psychosis is better displayed un-intetrupted.

  2. Yep, running low on covfefe.

  3. It appears they are watching but have nothing intelligent to say. Which, I try not try to speak out of turn. But, they only seem to speak when you hit a nerve whistleblowers...

  4. Just because they have nothing intelligent to say has never stopped them before!