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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sheriff Franklin telling more lies. Just listen as she speaks

Sheriff Ana Franklin is at the Perdido Beach Resort in Orange Beach this week for a conference along with her sidekicks Goodwins and Berzetts.  We're sure it's all on the up and up and she will attend all the sessions.  At least if she's in the hall she won't be out in traffic endangering innocent drivers. Just to be safe:  stay off the roads down there.  Ana has told so many lies her voice croaks as she speaks. Just listen.


  1. So the Sheriff's Association is having a conference in Saraland,Al? I'll assume that it's being held at the Saraland Civic Center. They probably had to cancel the line dancing and aerobics classes this week to make room.

    1. It's a shame...Ana could use the aerobics classes and line dancing.

  2. I see you changed "conference in Saraland" to "conference in Perdido", good call, it was kinda ridiculous to say the Sheriff's conference was in Saraland.