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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Of course Ana did not return phone calls

Blogger Comments:  Commissioner Ray Long put the burden of responsibility for ensuring county employees first-line supervisors are responsible for budgeting raises for their employees.  We have long said that it is the responsibility of each first line supervisor to include the might sheriff to budget for raises.  

Sheriff Ana Franklin is so selfish and self-centered that the only people she cares about being paid are Ana, Bones, Blake, Livingston, and Whittle.  Franklin just takes what she wants.  The others are paid for performing Ana's bad deeds.

It has been a long time since the deputies have gotten raises for their dedication and hard work.  It is time for a change.  With Ana ticked off right now and realizing she will not be elected as the sheriff again, she could care less about the hard-working folks at the Sheriff's Office receive raises.  Long put it on the table it’s up to the sheriff now.  Can she be shamed into doing the right thing?

The daily reported that "Sheriff Ana Franklin, whose department is the largest and most expensive of the four, did not return requests for comment."  Sheriff Franklin is too busy with damage control because we found her new house in Saraland to worry about a response to the Daily.  It's all about Ana.

Long deflects responsibility for worker raises 
·  By Evan Belanger Staff Writer 
·  Aug 5, 2017

·         The issue of raises for Morgan County’s roughly 390 workers remained unresolved this week as County Commission Chairman Ray Long insisted funding them is the responsibility of all elected officials, not just the County Commission.
“We’re putting it in their hands, so when we pass this budget in September, if the employees are not getting a raise, then it ain’t going to be just the commission,” he said. “It’s going to be all the elected officials failed to do their part to find the funds.”
While presenting his proposed budget for fiscal 2018, Long called upon elected officials who head certain county departments to match cuts being made by departments directly controlled by the commission.
He made the possibility of employee raises contingent upon all of the elected officials participating in the 2 percent cuts.
“If the sheriff wants her employees to get a raise, then we’re going to ask her to cut 2 percent from her budget when we meet her,” he said.
Long previously identified giving county workers their first raises in two years as a top priority for the fiscal 2018 budget, due to take effect Oct. 1, but he cited low cash flow and dwindling reserves as obstacles when presenting his proposed budget last week.
Proposed spending in the $44.9 million budget is down 4.5 percent from the current fiscal year. It mandates 2 percent cuts from all departments directly controlled by the commission and slashes $108,250 from 12 nonprofit agencies.
Even with those cuts, the proposed budget projects a nearly $100,000 shortfall as anticipated revenue drops 3.4 percent from the current fiscal year, from about $47.2 million to $45.6 million.
The shortfall would come from the county’s $1.7 million cash reserve during a time when county officials are working to boost the fund to $5 million in order to guard against emergency expenses such as storm damage.
If elected officials who oversee the Sheriff’s Office, the Probate Court, the License Commissioner’s Office, and the Revenue Commissioner’s Office were willing to cut 2 percent of their budgets, it would free up $210,110 that could go toward raises, Long said.
A 1 percent raise costs about $120,000 a year. Long complained elected officials in the past have been able to blame a lack of raises on the commission.
“I’ve heard elected officials make the statement, 'Well, we fought for you to get a raise, but the commission won’t give you a raise.' We need to share some of that burden,” he said.
But it was unclear this week whether the elected officials heading those departments will be able to meet the request.
Probate Judge Greg Cain said he is not opposed to trying, but most of the probate court’s costs are fixed and required as a matter of state law, such as election costs.
“We try to cut where we can. There’s just not a whole lot of things in there that are under our discretion,” he said, noting he has already cut the court's office supply budget from $30,000 to $15,000.
Similarly, License Commissioner Sharon Maxwell and Revenue Commissioner Amanda Scott said they would strive to make the requested cuts in their departments, but they could make no guarantees.
“We have a pretty lean budget, but I will look at the line items, because I want to help my employees,” Scott said.
Sheriff Ana Franklin, whose department is the largest and most expensive of the four, did not return requests for comment.


  1. The commission hasn't purchased a patrol car since 2009, they refused to purchase new weapons, they refused to purchase new body armor, they allow less than $30 per year towards training. This Sheriff has fought and scraped together the funds to do those things, and also a much improved radio system. Where exactly do you think those funds come from? Discretionary funds could be used to support community outreach programs, to do more to educate and help kids make the right decisions, or purchase specialized equipment to keep those deputies safer. But no, the county commission, although constitutionally bound, refuse to properly fund the S.O. I see these deputies out on the road in their ancient cars, no doubt held together with duct tape and wire ties, it's pathetic. As far as I can tell, the commission despises the sheriff's office, but had no problem "loaning" the city of Decatur over $700,000. Those shiny new Tahoes sure look nice driving around Decatur. Y'all ever notice the commission always votes unanimous? Never a dissenting vote about anything Ray Long wants to do, this whole county is being scammed by them. Please tell us once again that there would be plenty if the Sheriff wasnt stealing it, you know that is a lie, the Feds know it's a lie, you just hope you can drag it out long enough to affect the election.
    What does Ray Long and his underlings want to cut? Fewer deputies on patrol? Talk about a disservice to the citizens. Let's just sit back and wait, I'll bet he calls for lay-offs, instead of stepping up and fulfilling his constitutionally-bound duty.

  2. If i were the commisioners i would not give her a single penny either...why..because they know darn well she has misused the funds provided to her. She thinks its ok to lie 4 times about where the funds came from after investing into a convicted felons car lot. Not a bright move Sheriff. Padding her special goons with excessive overtime...gad cards..vehicles. Sorry ana you should have plenty enough in your huge budget to run the jail...take care of the deputies...and quit spending frivously like its your own checkbook. Sorry the entire county is tired of your lies and misuse of funds. Time is coming to end sweetie.

  3. Harold Jeffrey's a convicted felon?

  4. Not harold...more like greg steenson...ana franklin and her band of thugs she brought on