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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Muddy the Water

Blogger Comments:  Ana and her friends that live in spin city can continue to try and muddy the water all they want the property belongs to Ana and Charley. It appears that this Anonymous has an inability to understand or comprehend blog posts that are written at a grade school level.  This anonymous claims that I will subpoena personal family bank records. Are you kidding me?  As powerful this blogger nearing 60 is (irony alert), even I cannot issues subpoenas.  But I can and do use the FOIA procedures and publicly available records.  Of course, it helps to have scores of contacts within various government and private organizations.  It is clear that this person loves to spin the blog for his/her own personal gratification. Ana or an Ana goon must believe that if they keep this up the truth will never come about all the MCSO money that went into barns, houses, stables, new fencing, and land upgrades.  Keep on wishing and we will keep on posting until outside agencies come to arrest Ana and her goons and then subpoenas go out.  Anonymous loves to muddy the water.  Pretend that I say things I haven't said.  I will continue to say the same things.  Ana, not only had horses that belong to her on the property but she also had the property that belonged to the MCSO.  As for stalking, I have no reason to stalk or worse.  We set out to find out the truth about Sheriff Ana Franklin, Berzett's, Goodwin's, Blake Robinson, Bones, Wilson, Whittle, and Justin Powell and did.  The only one of these people who is surprising is Justin Powell.

As for anonymous saying it's been fun, at times, commenting on this blog.  Anonymous is telling a lie.  This blog has been HECK on Earth for Ana and her goons.  With every anonymous word, they write they prove us right.

Excerpts from blog "We have heard it all".  The previous owner has a lot of different businesses to include real estate, construction, and much more.  It will be interesting to follow the money to see if the previous owner removed money from his or her bank account to upgrade the property.  Sit back and relax.  Nothing will happen until Mama Ana is indicted and subpoenas go out. 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "We have heard it all":Nope, not Ana. I'm just somebody who isn't stupid enough to believe your continual pack of lies. "They" didn't find the property, I did. As I said earlier, Saraland only has a handful of farms, it wasn't exactly hard to figure out. Yes,I did ask repeatedly for the address, at the time I thought this was just a random location for Glenda to base another lie. I never dreamed her and Rick would actually find a farm, rent a freakin airplane, and take over 500 pictures, of a house belonging to a complete stranger, it's insane. Glenda has now stated that people are in danger. Glenda has stated that she will subpoena this family's personal bank records. At what point will this become stalking, or worse?
It's been fun, at times, commenting on this blog, but you people are truly nuts. Window-licking, crayon-eating insane. 


  1. So...finding the truth about a lying/stealing sheriff is now considered being "nuts." Kinda like taking the day to search Google maps for pictures that look similar to posted pictures of Saraland because you have nothing better to do. No, your not invested in this at all, smh. I guess it takes a nut to know a nut right? Goon.

  2. Sorry...none of Morgan County hard working taxpayers would have ever dreamnt our SWEET Sheriff would bilk the county out of hundreds of thousands of dollars either