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Monday, August 21, 2017

Morgan County Sheriff's Office

We can't help but wonder if Sheriff Ana Franklin realizes just how dedicated the deputies are.  They are underpaid, overworked, and tired of the turmoil that Franklin and her goons have brought to the Sheriff's Office (SO).  The sheriff's office is not the problem.  Each day the deputies put their lives on the line for the citizens of MC.  How often do you walk up to the deputies and say excellent job, can I buy you a coke, or how about lunch?  

The sheriff's office is short on road deputies yet Franklin places Sain in courthouse security and Goodwin in an office.  So! How long can these deputies continue to perform their mission with the Franklin turmoil, lack of raises, a bonus, a letter of commendation, or any other crumb of gratitude? 

Franklin hasn't been to work in over a week, not that the employees mind.  According to some employees when Franklin makes her rare appearance to the sheriff's office they feel that with each step they are trying to avoid the minefield that sets Franklin's temper off.  The funny part about Franklin's temper is that nobody will mention the whistleblower because it sends Franklin into orbit.

Franklin's goons promise that the whistleblowers are under yet another investigation and we will not escape this one the way we did the last one.  What will Franklin and her goons do to set us up with a METH lab?  Plant drugs in our vehicles?  Pull us over based on a phone call?  Who knows.  No matter what the case we will continue to blog and push forward.  

Last but not least, we want to thank all of the hard-working men and women in law enforcement.  Keep up the good work.  


  1. Under investigation?! Tell, you what...I'll start believing the whistleblower's gonna get arrested when --and only when-- big, fat Ana and her whiny, crybaby supporters start believing that she's gonna be arrested! The odds of Ana having her big, fat ass locked up and prosecuted are MUCH greater than Glenda's chances are.

  2. At least I know her trigger word now if I ever see her out in public.

    There are many LEOs that aren't above planting drugs (see latest Baltimore case), and Ana's thugs are likely no different. Make sure you have a video recorder ready to go at all times.

  3. When you are going to know about the warrant file and how was the work is going, they will probably say that it is under investigation. I heard the word from them so many times but I did not see anything working in that way.