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Friday, August 4, 2017

I stand corrected

Blogger Comments:  We stand corrected on those dates.  Trying to keep up with all of Sheriff Ana Franklin's dirty and corrupt deeds isn't always easy.

Anonymous also keeps on about the failed Sheetrock business but he forgets that Sheriff Ana Franklin submitted all of the company records to a federal agency thinking that Lockhart was going to jail.  Perhaps Ana had her accountants that manage her fuzzy math records review the financials of the drywall businesses.  That is once Franklin received a "legal" search warrant.  Franklin hoped that the federal agency would see things her way and prosecute.  We would not be the least surprised if Franklin placed a call to the outside agency claiming that she found these records during a search for something else.

The house belongs to Franklin.  Get over it and move on to some other criticism of the whistleblowers.

As for the whistleblowers going onto Sheriff Ana Franklin's property to obtain pictures you are wrong again.  Franklin had and has a lot of enemies who have no problem sharing information with the whistleblowers.

You sure do comment a lot for someone who claims the property isn't Ana's.  The truth will come out eventually but your protest has not convinced anyone so why don't you put up or shut up.  Your propaganda for a washed up 55-year-old female is disgusting.   Next?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Anonymous AGAIN.....":Something doesn't smell right. First Glenda says the property sold July 14 2016, and she says that was one month after Ana invested in Harold Jeffreys criminal enterprise. However, in July of 2016 Harold Jeffreys had already filed bankruptcy. Why would Ana give him money after the bankruptcy? Second, how did Glenda afford to send someone out to take aerial photographs? If you remember her failed Sheetrock business just filed bankruptcy a short time back. 

My guess is, the house doesn't belong to Ana or anyone Ana knows, this is just some lie made up by Glenda. She probably found these pictures on the internet or in a brochure somewhere, but it makes for interesting lies she can spread around. 


  1. No thanks, I'll just keep discussing this blatant lie about a house in Saraland. I know you WANT it to be true, but you know it isn't. I couldn't get much info today, but I'll get back on it Monday. I believe there's plenty of "public information" available to prove who does, and who has, owned this property. I've already established that neither Sheriff Franklin, nor anyone associated with her, currently owns it.
    I'd wager that you concocted this lie to continue to string along your money man. What is it with you two, anyway? Is there some unspoken history? Something he'd rather not make public?

    1. You two? Lol, come on man, are you that narrow minded? You sure are worked up!!! Wonder why??? Explain why Ana has her belongings there? Answer THAT question...Answer why probably millions are missing ya goon. If you ain't Ana, you're riding up brown nosing on a whole different level, look ridiculous. If it wasn't so serious it would be hilarious.

    2. Well, that certainly struck a nerve.
      It has been pointed out to me that you have posted pictures of her white horse trailer several times, it is a 3 horse, with living quarters, and some stainless steel trim on the side. This aerial picture shows a 4 horse trailer, with a small changing room, and no stainless trim. As much as you have obsessed about horse trailers in the last couple years, it seems like you could tell one from the other. Also, I'm pretty sure her enclosed trailer is black, not white.
      Your lie is thin as paper.

    3. Another winner posting. You speak of details of another trailors she has? How much more money are we talking?

  2. Hmmm, wonder who the money man is? Could it be a former banker?

  3. Doubt anyone but our greedy sheriff is the moneyman.

  4. Sheriff Franklin is dirty to the bone and is just pissed cuz she got caught once again. You can run but you cant hide. Too many rats have talked and a certain rat happens to know house exists...benn there.

  5. I agree with you that it might be some false story made up by Glenda through some fake pictures and there is no proof visible to justify th ownership of Ana or Ana's relatives over the house.