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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Franklin, the drug task force, school resource officers, and more

First and foremost, why wasn't sheriff Franklin in this very important meeting that doesn't just impact the MCSO? The very important meeting impacts the citizens of Morgan County, their children, and their grandchildren.  Franklin has not focused on the mission of the MCSO since taking office. In the beginning, it was the posse, trips all over the U.S., spending money, the Title Marts, Saraland, and the whistleblowers.  If Franklin had been doing her job she would not be facing what lies ahead.  She has time to respond to the press but she doesn't have time to attend meetings.  Why?  She doesn't want to face the facts.  

Captain Livingston is responsible for developing and obtaining Grants.  There hasn't been a grant in years so what does Livingston do exactly?  You can't get a Grant if you don't send your stats to the State of Alabama.  To the best of our knowledge, nobody knows how to send stats in.  That is what happens when you fire the subject matter experts who do the work.  Same with Battles he knew exactly what had to be done to obtain the Grants needed to pay for the drug task force salaries.  This is what happens when you have an unqualified person elected to the position of the sheriff who thinks she is smarter than anyone else.  Franklin's agenda was to get rid of the highly skilled personnel who happened to be the fabric of the sheriff's office simply because they worked for her predecessor.  

Franklin spent way too much time firing the skilled employees.  Franklin has taken advantage of the sheriff's office finances and the commission now she should face the consequences.  The excessive overtime for the Task Force is simply fraud, waste, and abuse.  If I recall correctly not all drug task force employees have received the excessive overtime but we know Bones Wilson sure has.  Also using excessive overtime is Blake Robinson.   Captain Ron Livingston was seen charging 12 hours of overtime when he didn't come to work for the first 80 hours.  It is really hard for the MCSO employees to respect their management when they see first hand the fraud, waste, and abuse.  If management from the top down had managed the budget instead of using the funds as if they were a personal pot of money they would not be in this situation right now.  

BTW.  Happy real birthday Bones.  We stand corrected. 

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