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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Faces of Corruption around the state

Bones Wilson - Drug Task Force

Run! Run! Run for your life...

Blake Robinson, River Patrol willing to take on the FBI on the front steps of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office 

 Sheriff Ana Franklin, Corruption, fraud, waste, and abuse, and convicted in Federal Court for contempt
 Sheriff Franklin

 Sheriff Ana Franklin - hobby wasting the MCSO funds

The ex-Luv Gov and Luther Strange

The Luv Guv and Luther Strange

Steven Ziaja at work before the downfall of Performance Auto Sales

Sheriff Ana Franklin on the town.  I got to get drunk and I sure do dread it.....

Sheriff Ana Franklin at work. A rare occasion.

heriff Ana Franklin and ex-luv Steven Ziaja

 Sheriff Ana Franklin

The Luv Guv - Robert Bentley

 Steven Ziaja - hard at work Title Mart

Title Mart aka Performance Auto Sales

Steven Ziaja hard at work Ana Franklin for Sheriff


 Ziaja still stuck in the mud

 Steven before Ana

Bones again!

Poor Luv Guv


  1. Oh my folks in these pictures will not be happy. But if you rob the county what do they expect.

  2. sad that you filter comments to suit your agenda....

    1. Looks like your comment made it through, though. You must be the whistleblower's favorite!

    2. Yes, but two other comments didn't... Either be transparent or not. You can't play it both ways.

      As for my original comment, I specifically addressed whether you have considered the family and loved ones of these people you keep posting about? This specific post is repetitive and has no substance. In fact, these photos have been posted numerous times.

      Have you thought to consider that these individuals you are targeting and harassing have families? Have kids? Grandkids? Ana's granddaughter, for example, is old enough to google and find this blog and that is disturbing beyond belief to me.

      And Mr. McNichol's family? They do not deserve to see his face and name drug through the mud when all he has done is become involved in a relationship.

      You fashion yourself a modern muckraker of sorts; however, in reality, the posts are nothing more than personal attacks because of a vendetta you have following the betrayal of your grandson and loss of your own son.

      If you want to facilitate real change, why not actually run for office yourself?

      Of, if you want to write, do so in an ethical manner and only include substantive materials and leave the personal attacks alone.

    3. If that ain't the pot calling the kettle black! Do you honestly believe that Ana and the thugs pictured in the post on this website are not responsible for persecuting folks that also have families? Did Ana and Charlie and the rest of her posse stop long enough to consider anyone else's loved ones? Hell, I've personally been harassed by Ana herself. So for you to have such a one-sided view of all this is simply childish. Speaking of children, if Ana's granddaughter might possibly be offended by something she reads on this blog, they maybe she just shouldn't read it anymore. Does she read the Decatur Daily? Because they also have been responsible for exposing Ana and her lies, as has Ashley Remkus from

    4. Sorry, but I'm calling bullshit on this post. You ain't been persecuted or harassed by anybody. All the bad stuff in your life...that's all on you. Cry me a river, you ain't no victim.

    5. Glenda Lockhart is a psychopath, she'll say or do anything to fulfill her sick vendetta. I've seen her in action long before this blog, truth means nothing. Take a look at her business dealings, she deals in deception.

    6. Whoever's calling bullshit on this post needs to realize that not every comment on this blog is made by Glenda. For example, I am NOT Glenda! And yes, I most certainly have been personally harassed by Ana. She --herself-- is the spiteful, bitter, vindictive, insufferable excuse for a human being. All she does is embezzle money and spew venom. I'm not asking for anybody's sympathy, but Ana's big, fat ass doesn't deserve any either!

  3. Hahaha! Blake Robinson in a necktie makes about as much sense as a caveman wearing a top hat.