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Sunday, August 20, 2017


It is another beautiful Sunday morning in Morgan County Alabama.  How blessed we are to live in a county that has so much going for it.  It is time that we stop the corruption that has taken our county from a model desired place to live to a statewide embarrassment.

That being said we have a warning that folks should be aware of.

Yesterday we blogged about the stop Deputy Sain made in Eva that landed Sain in courthouse security as punishment for doing his job as a road deputy.  We have also heard complaints from residents who travel Highway 55 West and Evergreen Road late at night who say that a person is driving up behind them and ramming their vehicles.  These incidents have been reported to the authorities.  At least one of the persons whose vehicle was rammed lives in Cullman County.  The vehicle was described as either a Crown Vic or possibly a Grand Marquis.  The person Sain stopped in Eva was a Silver SUV. We know of at least one person who lives on 55 East that claims he was stopped by a man in a Crown Vic or a Grand Marquis.   Please be aware of your surroundings while driving late at night.

It is a shame that Deputy Sain is being punished for working hard to protect our roads and our citizens.


  1. Sain's a good guy and a straight shooter. He shouldn't be punished and persecuted simply just for trying to do his job.

  2. Thats Anas way. My way or no way..