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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

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Commission wants out of school resource officer, drug task force business

  • By Evan Belanger Staff Writer

The Morgan County Commission voted Tuesday to remove from its budget a revenue neutral program for funding school resource officers at county schools, citing lagging payments from the sheriff’s office.

Blogger Comment:  Maybe Ana can start paying the MCSO bills on time now that she has completed work on her huge property in Saraland.

It also informally agreed that fiscal 2018, which starts Oct. 1, likely will be the last that the county funds the Morgan County Drug Task Force, effectively giving the sheriff a year’s notice to reabsorb the task force’s four personnel through attrition.

Blogger Comment:  Defunding the Drug Task Force is one large step in getting the sheriff's office house in order.  The drug task force was once a great enhancement of the sheriff's office capabilities.  Now it seems that the only reason Bones Wilson goes to work is to do Ana's bidding.  Instead of worrying about what the whistleblowers were doing they should have been performing their jobs w/o huge amounts of overtime.  To be fair Bones Wilson's overtime is the most egregious of anyone within the sheriff's office. 
In honor of the late Howard Battles:   This is the appropriate time to say that Howard Battles successfully obtained enough grants each year to pay the entire cost of the drug task.  

Commissioner Jeff Clark proposed both changes during a work session Tuesday. He said the Drug Task Force, which is budgeted for $286,352 next fiscal year, was once funded entirely with grant money.

Blogger Comments:  There is absolutely no reason in the world that the commission should be funding the drug task force; the resources are there and available for grant money.  Bones Wilson used one of the clerks to do all his paperwork because he was too dang lazy to write his own reports up.  Sheriff Franklin, Bones, and a few others have come to believe that they are entitled to these funds.  They have no desire to help their own organization.

As those grants have fallen off, he said, the county’s general fund has been forced to cover the expense, which it can no longer afford.

Blogger Comments:  The reason the grants have fallen off is that of lazy management and poor planning from the sheriff's office.  Specifically, Sheriff Franklin and Bones Wilson.  The task force is their responsibility. 

“I don’t see how we’re going to be able to do that from now on. Those are going to have to be absorbed back into the deputies that she has,” Clark said.

Blogger Comments:  The deputies have suffered because of Sheriff Franklin's conduct for 6 years and 8 months.  These issues will not be resolved until the sheriff is indicted, fired, impeached, and arrested.  Until that time the deputies and the rest of the MCSO employees will continue to suffer.

The commission took no formal vote, because it dealt with a budget more than a year in future, but a majority of commissioners voiced informal support.

“I would be fine with leaving it in the budget this year, but notifying her that it would be the last year, so she is prepared,” Commissioner Don Stisher said.

Sheriff Ana Franklin was not present for the meeting, but she objected to the proposal in an interview afterward, saying narcotics abuse and the crimes that stem from it are the biggest issues law officers face in the county.

Blogger Comments:  So, what is Sheriff Franklin's excuse for not being in the meeting this time?  Franklin seems to know that narcotics abuse is a big problem in the county but she can't prepare the documentation required to submit for federal grants.  Why?  Because she is rarely in the sheriff's office.  With narcotics being one of the biggest issues the county faces, why does Franklin release the inmates who are in jail for manufacturing, distributors,  and traffickers to the public?

Franklin said the personnel was in place before Homeland Security grants became available to cover their salaries and that she could not see how cutting law enforcement would make the county a more desirable place to live.  “There’s a certain point where you can’t cut costs and expect to generate revenue,” she said.

Blogger Comments:  Franklin just doesn't get it.  She uses a desirable place to live as if it just rolls over her tongue.  There is a certain point where the county must say "Sheriff Franklin enough is enough.  You have done nothing to enhance the operation of the sheriff's office.  Surely, you did expect that if your office continued to feed off of the county, the citizens of the county, state, and federal agencies that there would be consequences to pay".

Commission Chairman Ray Long suggested commission staff and sheriff’s officials could work together to pursue grants in the coming year, but he noted the task force has not received a grant for two years and that the last grant received was only about $60,000.

Blogger Comments:  Mr. Long, your heart is in the right place but to be truthful Sheriff Franklin is doing everything in her power to get rid of you, Clark and the others.  Though you have bent over backward to assist the sheriff's office you will never be able to do enough for this sheriff.  Have you known her to take responsibility for anything that she has done since taking office?

The commission voted unanimously Tuesday to pull from its upcoming budget a $211,431 line item for school resource officers.

Blogger Comments:  We need school resource officers in our schools.  This is another incident where Franklin has neglected her job as sheriff.  Communications between Franklin, the school superintendent, and the schools should have been a critical part of ensuring that we have adequate funding for our school resource officers.  The resource officers are a valuable asset.

The program is technically revenue neutral for the county, because the sheriff’s office reimburses the expense, but Clark pointed out those reimbursements have been lagging for months.

Blogger Comment:  The bottom line is to put the blame where it belongs: right on Sheriff Franklin's back for not paying her bills on time.  Again, maybe since her property projects in Saraland have been completed, she can focus on her day job and pay her bills.

“I think there’s some confusion on somebody’s part as to how it’s invoiced. The end result is that we’re $67,000 out of pocket right now,” Clark said, noting the sheriff’s budget for fiscal 2018 proposes increasing spending on the school resource officer program by more than $100,000.

Blogger Comments:  Increasing the spending on school resource officers is probably a good idea.  Ok, Sheriff, it is time you get out and do your job.  Get out there and talk to the right people in the school system to obtain the money for resource officers.  The school system knows how important it is to protect our most precious assets.  Our children cannot be replaced.  The schools want to do everything in our power to protect our children.  Doesn't Falkville pay for their school resource officer?

“They’ve got to come up with some other arrangement, because I don’t think this budget can stand being in arrears all year,” he said, calling for Franklin to arrange an SRO agreement directly with the school system.

Blogger Comment:  Place the responsibility clearly on the sheriff's back.  She caused most of these problems and she should be responsible for the fix.

Under the existing agreements, the county pays the salaries of the school resource officers and bills the sheriff’s office for the expense. The sheriff’s office bills the school system, and uses revenue received from the schools and discretionary money to repay the county.

Blogger Comments:  It is most likely like pulling teeth to get a dime from Sheriff Franklin.  Which has to be a strain on the commission.

County records showed, as of Tuesday, the sheriff’s office had paid $106,830 in reimbursements in fiscal 2017, but it had not paid from March through July, resulting in a debt of $64,667 to the county.

Blogger Comments:  Sheriff Franklin has $150,000.00 in her personal account she named 'inmate funds'.  Perhaps she could use part of those funds to pay her bills current.

Franklin said she is committed to doing whatever is necessary to keep the two salaries and four contract officers in county schools and that she would work with county and school officials.

Blogger Comment:  Well, Sheriff it is about time you do something for the county.  Saraland has taken up way too much of your time.

She attributed the delayed payments to a delay in payments from Morgan County Schools, as well as increased costs at the sheriff's office associated with the new jail and other expenses. She said she was using discretionary money to cover the county bills but could no longer afford to do that until reimbursed by the schools.

Blogger Comment:  Again, Saraland has taken way too much of the MCSO money. 

Morgan County Schools Superintendent Billy Hopkins Jr. said he was pleased Franklin was committed to keeping the SRO program going and that the school system could not afford the program on its own, but he said the school system paid all bills on time.

Blogger Comment:  Of course the school pays their bills on time.  Franklin should not blame anyone other than herself for the lack of funds within the sheriff's office.  We call that problem Saraland.

Hopkins said the school system agreed to pay the sheriff’s office $168,500 for six school resource officers last school year.    From August to December though, he said, the sheriff’s office only had five officers available, but billed the school system for six. When the school system declined to pay for the sixth officer, the sheriff’s office amended its billing to reflect five.
Then, from January to May, the sheriff’s office brought the number of school resource officers back to the agreed upon six, but it only billed for five, Hopkins said. That caused the sheriff’s office to adjust its bill again in the last invoice of the year.

The school system paid that bill, totaling $56,167, on Thursday, Hopkins said. Of that, approximately $14,042 was for the officer inadvertently left off for five months. The rest covered normal billing for other officers.

Blogger Comment:  We have always said that the sheriff uses fuzzy math.  Somethings never change.  Case in point she will be the first to blame anyone but herself for these most recent problems.

In other business, the commissioners informally agreed to a 2 percent raise for the county's 390 employees, including the commissioners and other elected county officials. It would be the first raise in two years. The raise is projected to cost roughly $211,087, leaving the commission with a scant surplus of $13,000 for fiscal 2018.

Blogger Comment:  Place the burden where it belongs: within the sheriff's office for raises.  Sheriff Franklin has never taken responsibility for her office mission, equipment, gear, vehicles for the deputies, and last but not least her employees.

"Our best investment is our employees, and I think with the tough budget they have basically had to pick up the slack, so they have earned and deserve a 2 percent raise," Stisher said.
The commission is expected to consider its fiscal 2018 budget on Sept. 12. The budget projects a 3.4 percent revenue decline and cuts spending by more than 4.5 percent, including more than $394,750 in cuts to 19 outside entities and nonprofit charities.

Blogger Comment:  Well said, Stisher.  Your most valuable assets are in your employees.  


  1. Sounds like the commisioners are finally growing a set of b---! Make this thief accountable.

    1. Hopefully, it's not too little, too late.

  2. I say bravo to the Commission. Anytime a sheriff or chief pleas for not cutting drug enforcement money it's because they're worried about losing their funding from the federal government. More busts, more money.

    I also agree with cutting SROs from schools. It's just another pipe in the school-to-prison pipeline under the false guise of security.

  3. she is crying a river...she should tell truth...she sent 160k into a convicted felons car lot, then turns around and builds a mansion in Sarahland. She deserves all coming her way.

  4. We need Sro officers for schools but the sheriff has enough money in her own office funds to pay for this if it were spent and accounted for correctly. I'm glad the commission finally sees this and is doing something about it, maybe the employees can get a raise If her spending habits changed, less trips for work when Noone is going to the classes. Things like tht.