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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Anonymous is working hard on deception

It is clear that anonymous is totally dedicated to Sheriff Ana Franklin and/or is Sheriff Ana Franklin. These individuals desperately desire to muddy the water and the truth of the sheriff's actions.  Perhaps anonymous should focus on how to keep himself/herself out of jail.  We have reported for a long time that the sheriff has gotten herself and those who support her in deep trouble.  For whatever reason, it appears that the sheriff has her followers believing that she has any outside agencies that may be investigating her taken care of.  How odd that a sheriff and those who surround her believe that they are powerful enough to take down outside entities.  We have realized for a long time that the sheriff was close to the ex-Governor Robert Bentley, and the acting U.S. Senator Luther Strange.  Franklin believes that in the position Strange is in he will be able to help her clear herself of all wrongdoing. Charlie McNichol taunts his relationship with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions as a means to aid and assist Sheriff Franklin.  It is concerning that McNichol is also in a position of power as the 911 Director of Mobile County.  It is also surprising that he would have gotten involved in this mess.
As for the house and property in Saraland, why didn't Charley just have the property placed in his name?  Where did all of the money come from to pay for all the upgrades?  If Charlie and Ana have done nothing wrong why would they hide the property and the upgrades from the public?  It appears that a minimum of at least $1,000,000.00 of upgrades has gone into the property.  As for anonymous comments about being able to find the property from Google Earth without an address that may be pushing it since the 2011 flyover by Google Earth of the property does not resemble what the property looks like today.  We encourage anonymous to keep making a fool of him/herself until the truth comes out on the blog yet again.


  1. I'm sure Ana (oops, I mean "Anonymous") will be commenting again soon. She'll be complaining, like usual, about all of the lies being spread by the whistleblower, blah, blah, blah. But the problem, sadly, is that Ana STILL wouldn't know the truth if it bit her on the big, fat ass.

  2. Now you're claiming the sheriff has spent $1.5 million on this property, and there is absolutely NO record of these transactions? You're the queen of the FOIA request, surely you've got actual documentation to back it up?
    Fact is, you don't and never will, because it didn't happen. Your readers aren't near as stupid as you think they are, a deal of this size would definitely leave a trail. You've never hesitated before, to post pictures of documents, even ones that were obtained illegally. Why not now? Just redact the seller's name and show us.
    You have backed yourself into a corner, all you can do now is lie about the lies, and try to drag this out until election season.
    Your money man may get a little unsure about your investigative work if you don't start producing.

    1. The post didn't say 1.5 million. Settle down before responding. I'm not sure of all the proof whistleblowers have on this, but tell me why her daughter ran her mouth about Saraland? Generally speaking, whistleblowers so far havent been wrong about what they post. If you look back, they've been pretty damn accurate. You write with absolute confidence "there is absolutely no record of these transactions." How would YOU know this? You use the words "leave a trail," like you know for a fact it was suppose to be well covered up. Interesting. You know and I know why they won't post certain proof on here per legalities, but I imagine they'll get it to the right people. You keep bringing up the election likes it's a concern at this point? Infact, you've brought it up numerous times in past responses. Along with other repetitive comments. Ana sealed her fate already by getting caught in other lies. Take a look at her responses and reasons to the media about inmate food funds. I think she had 4-5 different "stories." Either way, she was found in contempt regardless if it was a slap on the wrist. Based on your comments, I imagine you're tied into this in some way. If it was false info, why get so worked up?

    2. Glenda says she the place cost $453,000, and now claims there were $1,000,000 in upgrades. So I guess I was wrong, it's not $1.5 million, it's only $1,453,000.
      The election had been mentioned because the ENTIRE reason for this blog is that Glenda and her useful idiot goons want the Sheriff to lose the next election. I guess they'll feel better about their sad, pathetic lives if that is accomplished.
      Ya know Glenda, on the days I have the great pleasure of talking to you face to face, it's almost impossible not to laugh out loud thinking about the outlandish things you claim on here. You are one intolerable little woman. Just ask your family.

    3. What is this dude rambling about? I am not the grammar police but that was a headache to read. Whoops

    4. "It appears that a minimum of at least $1,000,000.00 of upgrades has gone into the property." That is a total. It's not an addition to the previous post. It sounds like additional information has been found out. The ENTIRE reason for this blog is to shed light on a dishonest sheriff. Why do you think she deserves to win another election after what has been found out BECAUSE of the whistleblowers??? I imagine it's intolerable to you that Glenda attempts to help our community understand what kind of sheriff we have in office. It's probably outlandish to you because you have no morals or principles. Making a comment about her family is pointless when you really don't know much about them.

  3. you are caught sheriff. We dont care you bilked thousands out of ziaja to set you and your daughters up. Once you knew you were in trouble with title mart mess and prison food turned to charlie. He has power in south have had some famn good looking ex husbands...left them for ziaja? Wtf...drain him then move onto captaib and power...he is best friends with sessions. Who gives a have stolen a ton of money to pad you and yoursweet families pockets and you have some serious explainibg to do. Good luck. Honesty is the best way to go.

  4. Glenda and her goons are not the only ones who want the sheriff to face the punishment she deserves most of the county does.