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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Anonymous - Hey! Ana nice piece of property. 99 acres!!

It certainly took Anonymous long enough to comment on the blog.  Guess he had to back up and regroup.  You couldn't please this guy if you gave him all the information on a silver platter.  He knows who owns the property and we have no desire to play his silly games.  It is up to the citizens to decide after all this time if we are lying or is Anonymous and Sheriff Ana Franklin's goons think they are smarter than the whistleblowers.

We copied the canceled checks and still Anonymous denied that Ana would ever steal inmate food funds for her own personal and selfish reasons.  Anonymous so loves his Sheriff that he backed her while she lied her butt off multiple times about where she got the money before being forced to sorta kinda tell the truth.

We are not going to play games with Anonymous.  What he should be doing is trying to figure out how we found out about the property.  Was it one of Ana's goons who couldn't keep their mouth shut because they hide their resentment of her thievery?  Maybe thinking after all he/she did for Ana and Ana is the only one who benefited from all of their lies and thefts.   Ana should look around her camp and try to find out who is ratting her out.

 Hey! Ana is that the Title Mart Tractor Cousin Greg gave you?  There is also a boat and an additional barn.  Wow!
 This gate has an electronic upgraded entry point.

Ana seems to have a house for each of her personalities.

Who would have thought it?  The Europeans have been building horse barns with living quarters for centuries.  Maybe some of Steven Ziaja's heritage rubbed off on Ana.  She suckered Ziaja until he was penniless.  Now Ana is smiling because there is no debt on the new Barn/House, fences, a big fancy brick entry point at the second entry of the property, and all the upgrades to the other living quarters on the property.  If Ana gets mad at Charlie she has her choice of living quarters.

Look at the doors of this house barn, beautiful.  Isn't that Ana's big fancy horse trailer adjacent to the paved drive?

Ana even has a swing so she and Charlie can swing the night away.

Hey! Where is the black and white?     He was here earlier.

Isn't this the enclosed trailer that was purchased and hauled back to Alabama by one of the deputies from Minnesota?

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  1. Wow at least the mismanaged money is accounted for buy her new home wow. There is no way 70,000 a year paid for that