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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ana, Booger, Bones, Blake, Vinegoni, and others....

.....should have taken the money and run.  When law enforcement is so corrupt that they feel that they can lie, cheat, and steal from the citizens of Morgan County, state, and others it's time for the reign of terror to be over.  The MCSO is broke, the employee's spirits have been broken, and the hard-working deputies see no end to the madness.  Franklin has taken enough money to establish herself in Saraland with her new lover boy by building a fine new home and property for all the pretty horses, horse trailers, and the money she has taken for herself to live debt free, worry free and fancy-free. Franklin should be careful what she asks for.  Jail is living debt free, worry free, and fancy-free, kinda.  Franklin will learn how to eat at a certain time, get out of the bed early (damn! She rarely arises before noon).  Maybe Franklin will luck up and get kitchen duty or laundry duty.  One thing is for sure Franklin will have a long time to think about Charlie living in the house with no debts, fancy-free, and worry-free.  Franklin, there were other ways of completing your bucket list.  You could have been a hard working honest sheriff who focused on the sheriff's office, the employees, obligations of the job, feeding and ensuring the inmates received proper medical care.  Instead, you took the cheater's way out and padded your pockets on the hard work and dedication of others.

Franklin believes that she is a shoo-in for the upcoming campaign and election for sheriff.  Maybe she is smoking wacky weed along with the hard-drinking of vodka and orange juice.

Franklin clearly should have taken the money and run.  Perhaps Franklin believes that she will get the same sweet deal the Luv Guv got for his wrongdoing.

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