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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ana and the goons

We knew that Ana and her anonymous goons couldn't last long without their nasty comments.  So let's move on.  Sheriff Ana Franklin has neglected her job as sheriff of Morgan County.  She has ignored the citizens of this county, the prescription drug epidemic,  and crime as a whole.  She has been counterproductive to the point that the sheriff's office is in mayhem.  Franklin cannot police from outside the county.  The deputies want leadership, up-to-date vehicles to drive, they need dash cameras and lapel cameras for all the deputies, and training.  We understand that Franklin's plate has been full. With the federal lawsuits pertaining to inmate food funds, the current issues of medical treatment to face, building a house and upgrades to the property in Saraland, and the whistleblowers nagging constantly about corruption, she has been a very busy no show sheriff.  Not to mention the lawsuit that was settled from South Alabama.  The poor sheriff must be too exhausted to do her job in Morgan County.

We would be in a serious dilemma right now if we didn't have the dedicated employees and deputies running the sheriff's office. Franklin is embarrassed and does not want to show her face in the sheriff's office or in the public.  She will not even speak unless spoken to.

The MCSO has been in turmoil since the first day Franklin took office and we suspect that the sheriff's office will remain in turmoil until the day she is taken away in handcuffs.  Sheriff Franklin is corrupt to the core as is Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, Justin Powell, and the rest of the goons. Franklin has made our sheriff's office into an embarrassment and the talk of all surrounding sheriffs' offices.

Wake up Morgan County and let's take our county back before Ana and her goons take over.


  1. Don't know about the others, but I ain't went anywhere.
    We do agree on one thing, Big Luther is a snake, I don't see how anybody in this state could vote for him.

  2. A couple of points:

    1. We will always have a drug something epidemic as long as drugs are a law enforcement issue rather than a health one. I'm not an Ana fan (voted for Childers). On that point I'm glad she isn't touching it.

    2. Serious question, are we sure they even want dash cams and lapel cams? Imagine the stuff that would get recorded. Bones shooting dogs that aren't a threat? Coburn roughing up teenagers? Anderson putting another vehicle in the ditch? Ex-deputy Fulford "accidentally" shooting someone in the butt?