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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Alabama may be on its way to draining the swamp

Outside money didn't do Big Luther Strange much good in the special election.  Roy Moore received 41 percent of the votes.

What's next for Big Luther?  He ran a nasty campaign with Mo Brooks the target of his negativity.  Roy Moore will now be slammed by Big Luther and the establishment.

And now the rest of the story.

Apparently, Sheriff Ana Franklin's supporters believe we are deleting unfavorable comments and/or are censoring the comments.  Well, folks it just ain't so.  Ana and her goons continue to come up with excuse after excuse for the truth that comes out on the blog.

We also hear Bones is all fired up because we posted a picture of him on the blog  It is refreshing to place the faces of Franklin's goons that use informants to break into offices and homes to obtain evidence instead of conducting investigations.  Maybe Bones is as lazy as we hear he is.  Those who participated in the meeting Sheriff Franklin held in her office with the informant are pictured below.
 Bones Wilson
 Sheriff Ana Franklin
 Franklin's Attorney Billable Barney Lovelace
 Justin Powell
Blake Robinson


  1. Bones? Lazy? "Lazy Bones?" He sure is a handsome devil. Oh, Lord, my eye are rolling even as I type this...

  2. Bones's pic looks like a "Deal with it" meme.

  3. Ana looks like a big, fat turd in that hat.

    Oh, and Billable Barney looks like a poor man's Verne Lundquist.