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Thursday, August 17, 2017

17 August 2017

As we sit back and wait for Sheriff Ana Franklin and her corrupt followers to face their fate we do not relish with joy and glee the fact that they raped and pilfered the MCSO of valuable resources. What we do think about is all the people Ana and her corrupt followers set up.  How she deprived the inmates of nutritional meals, how she deprived the road deputies of much-needed equipment and gear, and how she deprived the hard-working men and women that are the fiber of the sheriff's office of bonuses and raises.  We also think about all of the ex-employees that the sheriff forced out of their positions or fired them when they refused to resign.

Their irresponsible and criminal conduct has given our community a huge black eye.  Surrounding county sheriffs offices do not want to be associated with our sheriff, Bones, or Blake Robinson. Most consider Larry Berzett an arrogant ass, and Franklin has placed people such as Dee Goodwin who is paid as contract labor with a gas card, sheriff's office attire, and a county vehicle.  Franklin claims that she is required to provide Dee with all the perks.  Franklin easily placed her loyal friends in positions so that she would not be challenged when she went after the five-finger discounts.

What is truly bizarre is the fact that all of these God-fearing people that Franklin surrounds herself with have no problem with Ana's corruption.  Why is that?  We know that during the posse events that little to no cash ever made it to the bank.  We know that Larry took a hand full of cash and stuffed it in his pockets.  So, is that the incentive?   We know that Franklin put a load of money that did not belong to her in the Title Marts.  We also know that Bones and Blake invested in the Title Mart scheme.  We know that Blake and Steven Ziaja set up a detail shop at the Hartselle Title Mart and made some 38K for their efforts at the expense of the Jeffreys.  We know that Sheriff Franklin has been draining the MCSO bank accounts since 2013.  We know that there are still ongoing investigations into the treatment and medical treatment of the inmates.  We know that Franklin, Ziaja, Bones, Blake, Justin Powell and others are sweating bullets because of their conduct and actions.  We know that a chunk of money went into the property in Saraland.

We are all human and we make mistakes.  Year after year of thieving is not a mistake; it is intentional.  These folks have intentionally set out to take from others.  They have taken from the sheriff's office, they have taken from the citizens, and they have destroyed the credibility of the MCSO.  Just a few bad apples have taken from our county with no regards as to the impact on us.  All of us.  These folks are going to scream and yell that this blog is the same ole message.  Maybe so but it is still true.

Last but not least we know that we will continue to be beaten up by some of the anonymous comments.  I think we have said this before.  Hit us with your best shot.

Speaking of hitting us with your best shot maybe some of you will enjoy the cartoon below.

Roy Moore rides in on Sassy and rides out on Strange


  1. Whether someone likes or agrees with the truth or not, it still doesn't change the fact that it's true.

  2. Truth?
    Since day one, this blog has been based on outlandish claims, twisted realities, and outright lies. The outlandish behavior of Glenda, Rick, and the rest of her useful idiots has been amazing to see. How this failed drywall hanger from Falkville ever convinced anyone to go along with her, is beyond comprehension. If former employees were victims of this Sheriff, where are the lawsuits? Those folks know why they were fired, and I guarantee they don't want the truth made public. Even though you stick with this insane Saraland story, you cannot provide one shred of evidence to back it up. I understand they had another audit recently, you got your FOIA request sent in yet? If you do, you'll never reveal the truth of that, it wouldn't fit your twisted narrative.
    I do feel sorry for the folks that were suckered in by Glenda and Rick, their own desire to feel like a victim must have blinded their ability to see evil for what it is.
    Make no mistake, this little hate filled troll is evil. Get one on one with a family member, they'll agree.

  3. Outlandish behavior?
    Glenda and Rick drive to Foley, rented an airplane, and paid a pilot to fly them over a complete stranger's house and, according to Rick, take over 500 pictures. 500+. That's crazy if you ask me, or any other sane person.
    They knew where it was, why didn't they just drive there and take pics? Why not just knock on the door and talk to the ACTUAL owner? There again, it wouldn't for the narrative. She backed herself into a corner, and continues to lie about the lie.
    Show us the proof, and I'll never post here again.
    You won't.
    You can't.
    Just another lie.

    1. Let me're the one who invested the whole day "because you had nothing better to do" looking at google maps for the same drive way that was so distinguished to "find the address?" so you said on a previous post when they posted pictures of Ana's belongings on the property? Hey, by chance explain to everyone why Ana's daughter runs her mouth about Saraland? I mean is that just a coincidence??? Explain that to me. I bet you won't, I bet you can't, because Ana is the liar.

  4. I've already said this before, but now I'll say it again...because, apparently, you still can't see and/or don't appreciate the irony. You relentlessly claim Glenda is obsessed and hell-bent on a vendetta against the sheriff and her own useful idiots (whatever the hell that means). But the true irony lies in the fact that you --by far-- seem more obsessed about Glenda's so-called "obsession" than she actually is with Ana. Nobody that's not personally (intimately) invested in supporting the sheriff and all of her illegal exploits would spend even a fraction of the time you do on this whistleblower blog, trying your damnedest to discredit Rick and Glenda.

  5. It looks like somebody is so interested in Rick and Glenda that they went to the trouble to say they rented a plane out of Foley. First I heard of that. Sounds like you know the address and the actual owner Ana. They probably didn't want to see you in short shorts and a halter top.

    1. NOBODY in their right mind would want to see Ana's big, fat ass in short shorts and a halter top! Probably not even Charlie (or Booger).

  6. All of you are missing the point. If the house isn't Ana's Lovelace would be all over the whistleblowers. Ana can't afford for Barney to get involved. Her secret will come out for sure.

  7. I have a question for anonymous. If the house doesn’t belong to the sheriff who does it belong to? I am not being ugly or disrespectful but you seem to know a lot about the house for a bystander.

  8. Its the truth confirmed 100 percent. Any more questions