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Thursday, July 6, 2017

There is a reason

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Commission not interested in overseeing jail food

    • By Evan Belanger Staff Writer
A majority of Morgan County commissioners said this week they have no appetite to take over the feeding of inmates at the Morgan County Jail.
Blogger Comment:  There is a reason the Morgan County commissioners do not want to take over the inmate food funds.  They know that Sheriff Ana Franklin has told many lies in regards to the inmate food money, so many lies that she can't keep up with them. 
The majority opinion comes weeks after a federal judge lifted a court order that had barred the sheriff from using state dollars intended for inmate nutrition on anything other than feeding inmates.
Blogger Comments:  Franklin and Billable Barney fought hard to gain approval for Franklin to legally partake in the inmate food funds.  Everyone in the county knows that Franklin did not replace the inmate food funds in the MCSO account; that she actually placed the money in her personal account she calls inmate funds. Once Franklin is freed from the ties that bound her from the Federal Consent Decree Ana will have a money fest with the so-called inmate funds.  The $150,000.00 will be gone.  
Under a 1939 state law, most Alabama sheriff’s, including Morgan County’s, get to keep leftover food money as personal income.
Sheriff Ana Franklin — who said last month she had personally lost $26,600 due to cost overruns in the inmate food program in 2015 and 2016 and had thus far lost $38,000 in fiscal 2017 — said last week she has approached the commission in the past about taking over the inmate nutrition program but understood the commissioners’ reasons for not wanting to do so.
Blogger Comments:  Folks, stay with me on this one.  Franklin Franklin claims she had a personal loss of $26,600 for 2015 and 2016.  Had she not taken the $160,000.00 there would not have been a deficit.  The account for 2015 and 2016 would have been in the positive to the sum of $133,400.00. Instead at one point, the account was so depleted of funds that the maximum amount in the account was $12,000.00. That is what happens when you are obsessed with greed, corruption, and power.  Franklin took the money, lied her butt off and now claims there was a deficit.  Folks, do you really believe this is the one and only time she took money that does not belong to her?  Franklin claims thus far the Morgan County sheriffs office has a $38,000.00 loss for 2017.  If Franklin paid herself back for the money "she claimed" she lost in 2015/2016 out of in inmate funds in her personal account she still has $133,400.00 to play with.  If she pays herself back the $38,000.00 she claims she lost in 2017 she will still have $95,400.00 in her "personal inmate food account."  It appears that the sheriff and her attorney play with the same fuzzy math. 
“I understand the financial responsibility and obligation it would put on the county for them to do that,” she said.
Blogger Comments:  Franklin claims she knows are the financial responsibility and obligation it would put on the county for them to take over feeding the inmates.  No, she doesn't.  Franklin didn't start doing what's right until we busted her little get the rich game using the Inmate Food Funds for her own personal use.
Commissioners said Franklin has never formally made such a request, and Chairman Ray Long said he has never spoken to her about the prospect.
Blogger Comments:  There is no way under the sun that Franklin has had serious communications with the commission to take over the food funds. Unless it has been recently as in since she was busted for stealing the funds for her own personal gain.  The inmate food funds were one of Franklin's biggest cash cows.
Either way, Commissioner Randy Vest said, initial data from the handful of other counties that have made the switch suggest it would be costly for Morgan County to do the same. Vest said there has been some comment from the sheriff about the prospect of a county takeover, but nothing in-depth.
Blogger Comments:  This is most likely one of Franklin's campaign lies. Franklin will lie her butt off to get reelected for sheriff. 
“We’re researching that a little bit to see what all is involved, but so far, from what preliminary stuff we’ve got in, it’s just not cost efficient,” Vest said.
Blogger Comments:  It would probably be more cost efficient for the county taxpayers and the commission to take over the inmate food funds and transfer the personnel within the sheriff's office to the commission to perform the mission.  The reason for the cost efficiency is that you take the fox out of the henhouse.  Judge Kallon agreed that the money coming into the inmate food funds is more than adequate to feed the inmates.  Unfortunately, the MCSO has a corrupt sheriff sticking her pudgy fingers in the cookie jar.  The inmate food funds should be in the hands of an outside agency that does not have a 1939 incentive to steal the food money.  We understand the incentive to get out from under the Federal Consent Decree and the cost to the county and the sheriff's office but there has to be a way to keep the money out of our corrupt greedy sheriff's hands.
The problem, according to Long, is that the county would have to hire out personnel such as cooks and servers, while the sheriff can use inmate labor. He also said the county would be subject to bid laws for food and other supplies, while the sheriff can negotiate with farmers and other suppliers to get deals on food.
Blogger Comments:  Yet another dilemma for the commission is the hiring of personnel, cooks, and servers.  In a perfect world, the sheriff would work with the commission on a cost savings use of inmate labor, i.e. trustees.  Even though the commission would be subject to bid laws, they would probably still come out ahead.  Franklin fired her long-term food provider once her son-in-law was hired by another food vendor.  Wonder what Franklin's incentive was for that deal?  It probably wasn't done in the best interest of the inmate's food consumption. In addition, until recently the inmates were not getting fresh vegetables.  
“We’re not interested in that,” Long said. “When the program is run right, there’s plenty of money in there.”
Blogger Comments:  We could not have said it better.  “When the program is run right, there’s plenty of money in there.”  There-in lies the problem. Franklin is busy building her new home in Saraland, jet-setting, traveling, and have a grand ole time on taxpayer dollars, inmate food funds, posse funds, general funds, pistol permit funds, and any other funds she can get her hands on.  Can we really trust this sheriff to do the right thing?  
Commissioner Jeff Clark said the county simply isn’t set up to manage inmate nutrition, and Commissioner Greg Abercrombie said the commission has no intention of taking over because it would be “very costly.”
Blogger Comments:  Neither is the Morgan County Sheriff capable of managing inmate nutrition.  She is doing it now because she has to.  What happens when all of the attention goes away?  We hope Sheriff Ana Franklin is in Federal custody.  In the meantime, we are stuck with a corrupt sheriff who desires to serve Ana's interest only.
Commissioner Don Stisher was not available for comment Wednesday.
Tuscaloosa County, which has a similar jail population to Morgan County's, is one of a handful of counties in which the commission manages jail food. It lost $344,000 on inmate nutrition last fiscal year, Chief Financial Officer Bill Lamb said in January.
Blogger Comments:  The Morgan County Sheriff's Office probably lost that much as well but it wasn't because the sheriff fed the inmates.  Greed, fraud, waste, and abuse is most likely the cause of the loses in Morgan County.  Do we the citizens of Morgan County really believe that the $160,000.00 was the first MCSO funds that the sheriff ever took?  
In Limestone County, the sheriff is still in charge of inmate nutrition, but a 2010 local act did away with the practice of the sheriff keeping leftover food money. To offset the loss of income, the act increased the sheriff’s salary to 85 percent of the highest-paid circuit court judge in the county, or about $101,957 this year.
That compares to the sheriff’s salary of about $69,784 in Morgan County.
Blogger Comments:  Franklin lies to the public when she says those losses in the inmate food funds come out of her pocket.  The sheriff's salary is $69,784.00 but her perks per year such as trips to the beach for Ana and the family, her friends, her travel with the posse, and proceeds from the posse far exceed Blakely's $101,957 per year.  
Limestone County Administrator Pam Ball said the county would theoretically be responsible for covering a cost overrun in the jail food account under the new system, but there hasn’t been an overrun thus far.
The jail food account has been a hot issue for the county since 2009, when Franklin’s predecessor, Greg Bartlett, was held in contempt of court and jailed overnight for failing to provide adequate nutrition to inmates.
Blogger Comments:  Greg Bartlett cannot hold a candle to the current sheriff. Bartlett testified in court that he took the money.  Sheriff Ana Franklin told multiple lies as to where and how she got the money until the checks were posted that proved her a liar.  Can we the people trust in the future that Franklin has learned her lesson?  Bartlett told the truth while Sheriff Ana Franklin lied her butt off.  She lied so much she could not keep up with her lies.
Bartlett testified in court he had legally pocketed $212,000 from the inmate food account over a three-year period.
Franklin was held in civil contempt last month and fined $1,000 for removing $160,000 from the account in 2015, when a federal court order expressly stated all of the money must be used for inmate food.
Sheriff Franklin wants us to believe that she was told by multiple people she could use the money.  Franklin and Billable Barney were well informed that Franklin could not take the money.  Franklin believes no law applies to her unless it is Ana's law.  
That ruling came as part of a settlement agreement between Franklin’s attorney and opposing counsel with the Atlanta-based Southern Center for Human Rights, which represents inmates at the jail.
Under the deal, Franklin conceded she was in contempt for removing the money and the plaintiffs conceded the rule barring the sheriff from accessing the money was due to be lifted. Franklin returned the money before the contempt motion was filed.
Blogger Comments:  Franklin returned the money but not to the official MCSO inmate food account.  The money went into Franklin's personal account she set up in 2016 and named inmate funds in her personal account.  Franklin claims that it was someone else's fault that she got involved in the Title Marts. Another lie.  Can the citizens really believe that Franklin invested the money for a quick 17% percent interest within 30 days?  Did Franklin speak to a financial adviser before she invested the money?  Of course not.  Franklin knew Greg Steenson from a family standpoint.  Steenson gave Franklin a Title Mart aka Performance Auto Sales donation during the 2014 campaign for Sheriff.  Yet, Franklin wants to blame her ex for getting involved in the scheme.  
Franklin and the county since have filed a motion to lift all provisions of a 2001 court order regarding the treatment of prisoners at the jail.
Blogger Comments:  Our hopes and prayers are that the motion to lift the provisions doesn't happen without an alternate source to oversee the feeding, treatment, and medical provisions for the inmates.  
The court order, which was initially made to require the county to build a new jail, requires the Southern Center to monitor the jail to ensure it is providing adequate food, medical care and sleeping arrangements.
Blogger Comments:  Do the citizens really trust Sheriff Ana Franklin to what's right for the inmates?  Franklin treats the inmates no worse than she treats her employees.  Especially the road deputies.  


  1. You still censoring comments?

  2. It appears that y'all aren't censoring posts now. I'll ask again. Where are the pics of the house in Saraland? Guess what, folks...they don't exist. It's yet another lie fabricated by Glenda's sick, twisted mind.

  3. And why would it take pictures of something to prove it exist. Maybe it's out of sight kind of thing.

    1. Because Glenda and her goons have been following people and taking pictures for years. Surely they have got pictures of this mythical house in Saraland.

  4. Thos corrupt sheriff lied under oath 3 times as to where the 160k came from. A highly elected official should not be able to lie. The county should be scared...what lies is she capable of telling nextm resign

  5. First off...the people of morgan county want to know why our highly elected supposed to be honest sheriff had to tell 3 bold face lies about where the 160k came from originally to invest into a convicted felons car lot. 2nd is why her attorney barney lovelace also lied for her saying account was nearing fdic limit. Things dont look too good for either of them. If you are hired to uphold the law a big downslide is to not lie...not to federal reporters...employees. You are done ana...sorry to say the county taxpayers dont appreciate your shenanigans...travelling...hitting people than vehicle and gas cards to non mcso employees. Time is up...public is pissed. Please do morgan county a favor and resign before you are escorted out to a place you belong...thats right PRISON

  6. They say she is pissed about the truth spewing out on her and blaming it on whistleblower. Sorry everything that she has uncovered on you has been truthm morgan county is done with your lies. Speak to your bestie barney about the quickest way to exit. He wont be happy as you have made him a very rich man.

  7. Glenda and her goons have been following people and taking pictures for years. Really! Why don't you put up or shut up. Why hasn't Ana had anybody arrested? The reason is she is a piece of trash that nobody from Montgomery to Morgan County believes. Don't you think that Ana has busted her ass to try and arrest people. Everybody from the state down is laughing their ass off at Ana. She is desperate. She wants us to believe arrest are immanent and they are probably right. If I were you I would be shitting my pants about now. You have no way out.

  8. I haven't looked in a few months, but if you go to the whistleblower Google+ page on a computer, there were hundreds of pics there. Some lifted from Facebook, but many were taken by Glenda and her goons.

  9. Thank you to all for providing the truth. I appreciate your time and effort. I will tell you, I won't expose my identity. I'm sorry you have to maintain your website like you do to make the Ana supporters shut up. But, we all know they dig to find who disagrees with them, so I stay anonymous. Otherwise Ana and her goons will stalk you to death. Waste of time and money. Thank you to all the great men and women of the sheriff's office whom put up with so much crap. May God bless you. Thank you to all the great deputies. As a concerned citizen, I appreciate you. Keep you chin up!

  10. Btw glenda and her supposed goons havw unvovered truth...lies...theft and corruption within the mcso when wveryone else sits back knowing whats happening...too scared to stand up...too scared to lose their job. That is the true meaning of a coward. If you kbow what is happening and dont report it. You are guilty as our high and mighty sheriff stealing taxpayers hard earned money to take care of her chosen few. Melt on that