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Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Moles From Within

Reading the comments this morning I realized somebody out there really loves the blog and the bloggers.  Especially Rick Sherman and Glenda Lockhart.  It seems that we keep saying the same ole thing day after day after day.  That is true because the same ole corruption that has grown into malignant cancer the size of Morgan County is still running the county sheriff's office along with some of her corrupt leaders.  

It is useless to try to respond to many of the anonymous comments.  There will come a time that you do not get to mistreat your deputies, corrections officers, clerks, and road deputies.  Your actions have not gone unnoticed by the citizens of Alabama nor outside agencies.  It is interesting that you taunt agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), and laughed your butts off at the Federal Judges that you think you duped in some of these Federal Court cases, how you feel that you won in the contempt case that the high sheriff plead guilty to, how you have bragged about how you have cheated employees who dared file complaints against you to the Department of Labor, how you have bragged that you have done nothing wrong.  We hear you.  Just as you make fun of us for believing in the system, for believing that not all law enforcement is corrupt, for believing that someday soon we will see you incarcerated for the things you have done to people.

You can call us crazy, liar, delusional, and anything else that happens to pop in your minds.  We know the truth and we will hold onto that truth until we sit in a federal or state courtroom to hear the word GUILTY on all charges.  No plea deals, no lost evidence, no missing drugs, or drug money, no excuses that I didn't know that I was committing a crime.  I am just a sweet little southern gal or honest guy.  Those days are long gone.  Gone are the days that you could arrest people for no reason and lie your butts off to get a conviction.  Gone are the days that you use informants to cause a disruption for an excuse to raid peoples' homes without cause, or use inmates all hours of the night at will.  Gone are the days that allowed you to terrorize, lie, cheat, steal, and commit fraud, waste, and abuse to line your slimy pockets.

Franklin is worried.  She is very worried.  We can't help but laugh when we hear stories about Franklin being so desperate to get rid of the whistleblowers that she salivates like a rabid dog.  Bones, Blake, Ana, and Barney your little plans and schemes didn't work.  We are still here.  How much does your informant jobs pay these days?  If you had anything to arrest Rick and Glenda for you would have already done so.  You can't arrest them for you have nothing.  How much MCSO money have you wasted to date on private investigators, informants, thugs, and stupid efforts to find something they have done so that you can have them arrested.  Franklin has been to see lawyers out of town looking for one who will file a class action lawsuit against the whistleblowers.  She has spoken with multiple employees and tried to recruit them to support her in the class action lawsuit.  We can imagine the ones who will follow along with her plan.  It will be her closest confidants, the ones who stand the best chance of going to jail because of the corruption.

Franklin has worked long and hard to obtain information about the people who have spoken to the whistleblowers and provided information to us.  To Franklin and her goons. you can only imagine and yet you are in so much denial you just can't believe a few people working together for a common goal helped disclose your corruption.

As for the whistleblowers having inside moles within, all we can say is, isn't that the truth.  We have people who do not focus on the true goals of the blog which is to get rid of the cancerous corruption within the MCSO.  Just as in the case of Franklin and her moles. You know who they are, you know their agendas, you know that at the first chance they will stab you in the back for their own selfish motives.  On the other hand, they are harmless.  The only persons they are hurting are themselves.  They are not out committing crimes, taking sheriff’s office assets, mistreating inmates, or hiring private investigators, or some other dumb ass plan to hurt people all for the love of power.  If our moles call us names, bad mouth us, and give the impression that they are not a part of us, who cares?They are not criminals, they are just self-centered people with their own agenda.  The county is far smarter now than they were seven years ago.  

We can't tell you how many people have told us that Sheriff Bartlett did nothing in comparison to Franklin and her goons.  Did you know that when Bartlett withdrew inmate food funds at the end of the fiscal year that he gave the MCSO employees bonuses?  How much money has Franklin distributed to the workforce?  


  1. Address for the house in Saraland?

  2. It should be obvious to everyone that the claim of a new house in Saraland is nothing but an outright lie. If there were any truth to it at all, Glenda would have proven it by now. This fact leads me to wonder what else she is lying about.

  3. Glenda should have picked a different town. Instead of lying about Saraland, she should have picked a nicer place, like Point Clear or Orange Beach. If a person skims millions of dollars, they certainly wouldn't retire to Saraland. It's been a few years since I drove through there, but all I saw was a chemical plant and a paper mill.

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