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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Southern Center Law Group Back Again

We understand that the Southern Center Law Group has been back in town a few times in the past few weeks.  A source tells us that they are looking into issues within the jail concerning mental illness.  Does that mean that Sheriff Ana Franklin aka Dr. Franklin is no longer giving the inmates her medication of choice vice what the inmates' physician prescribes?  Franklin has been doing this for years telling family members their loved ones cannot take certain prescriptions while in her jail.

How does the sheriff dictate to the medical staff contracted to provide medical services to a jail what prescriptions are acceptable in the jail and what medications are not acceptable?

We realize that the sheriff has an almost Bachelor of Science degree (BS)  from.......  Well! We don't exactly know which college because she couldn't really remember that while under deposition, nor could she remember any specific classes she had taken.  Hum!  The highly educated sheriff or a liar?  We believe the BS stands for something other than Bachelor of Science.

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  1. What are their findings? If they have been coming in for a few weeks, surely they have reported back to you with the info.