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Monday, July 3, 2017


Blogger Comments:  Sheriff Ana Franklin wasted no time getting on the road again.  Franklin attended the National Sheriff's Association, spent a day or two in town and now she is on the road again.  Saraland bound.  Franklin was seen traveling through the Falkville area with her horse trailer in tow headed south.  Guess who's paying for this trip?  Yep! Taxpayer dollars hard at work while Ana is busy moving her horses south.  

We hear that Ana had her Title Mart horse trailer all fixed up.  Out of the kindness of her heart, she gave it to a friend whose husband was very very bad and did some 'partaking' of another man's wife. The only problem is Ana never paid for the trailer.  Oh! One there is one more little problem with where the money came from to upgrade the horse trailer.  Guess where the money came from?  Thank you again Morgan County taxpayers.

All of this giving and sharing (of public funds) so Ana's friend can help her set up her nest egg for retirement. Damn! These people must love Ana.  At some point they will all be on the road again in a paddy wagon, chained to their seat.

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