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Sunday, July 16, 2017

No more Strange

Blogger Comments:  The field of candidates seeking office for the U.S. Senate job is crowded to say the least.  People should listen to the message from each and every candidate before making a decision that effect the State of Alabama.  The last thing we need is another Luther Strange.

Mo Brooks should read the 'Federal Register,' not the Bible, says Randy Brinson

Mo Brooks (left), Randy Brinson (right)
Mo Brooks (left), Randy Brinson (right)
Dr. Randy Brinson said last week that U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks should read "96,000  pages of the Federal Register," and not the King James Version of the Bible as a filibuster tactic over funding for a U.S.-Mexican border wall.
Brooks, R-Huntsville, said on Wednesday that Brinson is desperate and trying to "attack anyone he can to get free media coverage."
Brinson has been among the most outspoken critics of Brooks' interest in reading the Bible "from cover to cover" until the Senate agrees to fund a border wall coveted by President Donald Trump.
Brooks' pledge to read the Bible surfaced in a campaign ad released last week.
"The reason I cited the Bible is because it's a long book that most people are aware that it is a long book which gives you an idea on how long I'm willing to filibuster to make sure we fund the border security wall," Brooks said.
Brinson, the former head of the Christian Coalition of Alabama and one of 10 Republicans competing with Brooks in the GOP's primary for the U.S. Senate, said that Brooks should read the Federal Register that contains government agency rules, proposed rules and public notices.
The primary is scheduled to take place Aug. 15.
"It's grown faster during Mo's tenure in the House than at any other time in our nation's history, and he hasn't done anything to make it shorter," said Brinson about the Register.
Brooks defended his stance by saying that "I do not know of a more famous, lengthy document than the Bible."
"You will be up at the microphone for a long time," said Brooks. "As a side, it's definitely good for people in Washington to hear the moral values espoused in the Bible."
Brinson agreed that there are people in the Senate who "need to hear" biblical scripture. But he said the Bible shouldn't be used to "demagogue and grandstand for political gain."
"That's something a Pharisee would do," said Brinson. "It's much more important to do what the Bible teaches, and accept Jesus Christ as one's personal savior."
Brooks said he believes Brinson is criticizing him because "Randy is in a difficult spot. He's polling around 2 percent. I understand where he's coming from."
Brinson said: "Mo's been shown good poll numbers by somebody, but people still remember how he was a 'Never Trumper' and that's going to catch up to him. Suddenly, he's going to shut down the government over 'Trump's Wall'? Hypocrisy, thy name is Mo Brooks."
Brinson's reference to Brooks' past viewpoints on the president come after U.S. Sen. Luther Strange released ads this past week attacking Brooks for saying that choosing between Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton "was a difficult choice" and for other criticism of the president during last year's presidential primary.
Brooks had endorsed Texas Senator Ted Cruz for President, but has since said  that he was the only candidate to financially contribute to Trump's campaign.

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