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Monday, July 17, 2017

More of the same......

Franklin and her goons have lived with a huge amount of power since she took office in 2011.  Now! they think that they can demand to know an address and we must jump and prove what we blog. Guess what?  The blog doesn't work on Franklin and goon time; it works on blogger time.  

Just as we have proven the theft of the inmate food funds, Jonathan Stebbins hiring, the Title Mart debacle, and much more on this blog since October 2015, this too will be revealed in due time.  We have never been intimidated by Franklin and her goons and we will not start now.

On another note.  Why hasn't Franklin been able to prove that Glenda and her goons are stalking her, roaming in and out of her home all hours of the day and night, following her, and terrorizing her? Why haven't these folks been arrested?  That is a rhetorical question so no need to answer it, we will. Franklin is not only a thief who has committed fraud, waste, and abuse, she is also a pathological liar. 

We encourage anonymous to continue asking those questions that way when we do reveal all our knowledge you will look like a complete idiot again.

So! Why is Franklin purchasing lumber at the Lowe's in Hartselle using the MCSO credit card?  We hear she is building a wall.  Well! Maybe not so much a wall but gates and fencing to keep out the bad guys.  Our sources tell us that Bones is spending a LOT of time out at Franklin's home these past few months but nobody will make us believe that Bones is building a fence.  Bone is too lazy to hit a lick at a snake.  Is Franklin using inmate labor again?

Franklin has plans to move Blake Robinson to patrol so that he will have the experience he needs to be promoted to Lieutenant.  The only problem is she is having problems getting anybody to apply over Robinson's job.  We thought that Bones and Blake were running the sheriff's office.  It is hard to believe that Franklin can possibly release one of her right-hand guys to patrol.  


  1. Your credibility continues to sink. Without an address for this fantasy house in Saraland, you reveal yourself as the liar you are. It would seem an easily verified claim, if it were true, but it's not. In the past you have taken a tiny bit of truth, and twisted an outlandish lie on top of it. This time you've just skipped all that, and went straight to the lie. Your political blog is littered with lies, false accusations, and bizarre claims. Even a casual reader should recognize these as personal attacks.

  2. Y'all don't follow folks around, then claim she was at Lowe's in Hartselle? You even claim to know what she bought and how it was paid for.
    That sure is specific info for a failed drywall hanger in Falkville.

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