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Friday, July 28, 2017

Judges set sentences and more

Blogger response to anonymous.

The judge does set sentencing, however, it is the sheriff's responsibility to ensure the inmate is receiving proper medication while incarcerated which will allow him/her to assist in their own defense.  That doesn't happen in Morgan County.

It is amazing that Ana's goons have sat back and watched her build a fine big home on secluded property out in Saraland with no mortgage while they still live in their little crackerjack houses worshiping the ground the high sheriff walks on.

The house in Saraland exists as well as the fact that Ana, Blake, and Bones can't resist setting up innocent citizens in our county to take a fall.  The reason they set people up is that it is actually easier than working, especially for Bones.  Pay an informant to get the job done has an entirely different meaning for Morgan County than it does for the rest of the folks working behind the fine blue line.  What they have the informants do is illegal but that hasn't stopped them yet.  Send a nice young man or woman to jail for something they didn't do, no problem.  Hey! Informant, you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

Blake Robinson will tell you he has no fear of any outside agency to include the FBI.  He threatened to take them on at the front steps of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.  You get em, Blake...

On Another note, Ana has been in the office the past two days.  Wonder who they will try to set up next.


  1. You sure are angry, I guess I would be too, if my own family turned on me. I guess they know better than anyone else, just how twisted you are.
    Now it's a big, fine home in a secluded area, in the famous retirement town of Saraland? Keep pushing this lie, it'll make you look even more foolish.

    1. Family did not turn on her, although it looks that way. Ana turned on the family. Hard lesson he's going to learn. Glenda is tough as nails. She's really a great woman that doesn't put up with BS. There is a reason for that, I'm sure her grandson fully understands why now. Playing with wolves will irreparably change your life. You better have someone there to help and back you up, Ana plays dirty.

  2. Looks to me like the grandson set-up his grandmother (Glenda), ratted her out, then took off to Army boot camp. I'd hate to know my own family despised me that much.

  3. I put nothing past our lying twisted sheriff. Is her grandson at fault...absolutely. But if someone offers a young kid a good amount of money with big bad law enforcement officers...hmmm...hopefully he learned a good hard lesson.