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Friday, July 14, 2017

Is the Sheriff playing a horse and pony show

or has she been selling Snake Oil?  At first, we believed that it was all about the horse and pony show.  As it turns out Sheriff Ana Franklin was selling the citizens fraud, waste, abuse, and stealing from sheriff's funds.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Can't please them all": 

We cant trust her. She and her clan are losers trying to protect their hidden assets and stolen money. The public isn't stupid. She started this mess with her lies... Not a good way to get to taxpayers of Morgan county on your side. Please do us all a favor and and pony show OVER 


  1. Address of the fictitious house in Saraland?
    I'll settle for a road or street name, you should be able to do a title search for the property.

  2. We are waiting Glenda, give an address or admit you are a liar, that simple.

  3. A narcissist such as Glenda could never admit she lied. I'm afraid you're wasting energy typing.