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Monday, July 3, 2017

Franklin's new toy thanks to the Layton's

Blogger Comments:  The Layton's have been big supports of Franklin since she took office in 2011. Franklin gave Lynn and Jeff Layton Deputy Badges several years ago for their support.  They were not issued honorary badges, they got the real deal.  Real deputy badges for the Layton's and donated gifts to support Ana's MCSO toy collection.  We would have thought that the Layton's would have realized by now how corrupt Franklin is, and how deep her tentacles go with Greg Steenson in the Title Mart schemes.  We thought Layton's lost money in that scheme.  Donating equipment such as shown below on the MCSO FB is of no value to the sheriff's office; However, I am sure Ana will have loads of fun on it.  

Who will be the deputy charged with operating the fine piece of equipment below?  Can't see Bones in it, he is too lazy.  Can't see Blake on the water ride.  He has to be prepared at all times to fight off the FBI on dry land, on the front steps of the MCSO.  He needs dry land for that.  Next guess would be the domestic animal patrol.  Ana has taken care of all the domestic animal control problems.  She can use Smith to round up people on the lake just having a good ole time.  Placing a drowning person on the equipment would prove difficult while trying to performing CPR.  Chasing a drug dealer in a water chase would be a blast to watch.  Bet the drug dealers win that chase.

See comments below from the MCSO FB.  We decided to capture pics of the post before Ana started deleting the comments at 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. in the morning.  Ana goes to bed at about the same time a lot of hard working Morgan County Citizens are beginning their work days.  Oh! The life of the rich and famous.  

The Layton's hearts may be in the right place, but maybe they need to talk to the deputies and find out what these men and women on the front line need to perform their jobs.  The folks who go to work every day.  The deputies need things like new Kevlar Vests, dash cams, updated vehicles, and much more.  Use...

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