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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Franklin's fiends

Franklin's fiends seem to think Glenda is obsessed with Franklin. Give me a break.  We have lived under the corruption of Robert Bentley, Luther Strange, and Ana Franklin for years.  We helped identify the corruption in Morgan County.  Of course Franklin's pea-brained fiends will say what ever they think will trigger us to make a mistake.  Give it up.  Franklin reeks of the stench that she rolled in with Luther Strange and Bentley.  Franklin's arrogance and lust for money and power proved what has been said on the blog.  You call Glenda obsessed.  What do you call Franklin, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, Justin Powell, and Billable Barney Lovelace for conspiring a break in into an office under false pretenses to steal documents, video a business, and place Key Logger software on the computers?  We call it desperate and obsessed people, who do not want to lose their gravy train.  Bones Wilson stands to lose upwards of $120,000.00 in overtime.  Franklin stands to lose free access to the MCSO credit cards, vehicles, office resources, employee resources for things other than sheriff's office business.  Franklin also stands to lose the ability to go to the bank and write counter checks for the sum of  $10,000.00 to $150,000.00 dollars at a pop.  This isn't delusional.  This is fact.

The sheriff seems to forget that there were witnesses to the hand-off of the Key Logger software in the Falkville Fire Department.  Your informant and my grandson has told the truth. You folks royally screwed up.  Why?  Desperation, obsession, greed, fear, and delusional dreams that Franklin has the support to win reelection for Sheriff of Morgan County.  It is a pity that these so called law enforcement officers are far worse than any criminal they have put in jail.

Go ahead and say what you will.  You are not changing anybody's mind.  Again delusional hopes that you are not about to lose your ability to make a living. Delusional......

Court must reassess Robert Bentley's 'community service'

By John Archibald | 
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on July 20, 2017 at 9:16 AM, updated July 20, 2017 at 9:18 AM
Alabama courts need to reassess former Gov. Robert Bentley's punishment.
Community service? As a doctor? Providing dermatological care to the poor?
Holy Hippocrates, I don't know.
This guy looks at a malignancy and sees a morning glory. He finds a rash and smells a rose.
Robert Bentley doesn't need to be providing medical care as a "community service."
He needs to get some for himself.
Bentley was forced to plead guilty to two misdemeanors and leave office in disgrace after more than a year of personal and statewide humiliation spurred by his infidelity, his unconvincing denials, his abuses of power to cover it up and his unwavering arrogance.
And this week, in an interview with WVTM, he reminded all of Alabama why the state is better off without him.
Maybe that's a community service by itself.
Bentley on Tuesday called himself the "best governor Alabama's ever had by far."
Which, if true, is the saddest thing I ever heard about Alabama. But it's not true. He is not even the best governor this year. And it's not that Gov. Kay Ivey has set the world on fire in her first 100 days. But she has set about de-Bentlifying Bama, and that is a Herculean task.
Of course Bentley's bravado - he was saying the same thing on his way to cut his exit deal with prosecutors, by the way - put the Twitterers to Twittering.
Bentley's own words were almost as comical.
"We got so much accomplished," he told the Birmingham TV station. "Had people just left us alone, Alabama would have been better off. They took advantage of some personal things and tried to get rid of me. There's a lot more to this."
Which all boils down to:
I'd have gotten away with it, too. If it wasn't for those meddling kids.
But he was right about one thing. There is a lot more to this.
There's the way he used state law enforcement officers to threaten people he thought knew about recordings and other evidence of the affair. There's the way he did everything he could, using the mantle of his office, to cover up the affair. There's the way he treated his wife of 50 years. There's the way he used state cars and planes to carry out the relationship, and so much more.
There's the way he was so absorbed with his personal romance that he could not see his standing in the state slip.
There is the way he lost his grip on reality.
It is not a "community service" to perform medicine on the poor. It's a liability.
Let him be a greeter at a welcome station.
Hi, I'm the best governor ever!
Let him stand on the corner of S. Union and Washington Avenue in Montgomery - right there between the Capitol and the State House -- as a reminder of what happens when you let the perception of power go to your head.
It's dizzying.
But at this point, frankly, I don't care much about his punishment. He's gone. He's over. He's out.
We ought not force him to give medical care to Alabamians. We ought to help him get some.


  1. Thousands of pages, in less than two years, focused on one person. I'm no psychiatrist, but I'd call that an obsession. You can claim to be the white knight here, but any sane person can see this vendetta for what it is. NO sane person would devote every day of their life doing what you do. Sane folks go about their lives, not wallow every day in self-consuming hate.

    1. I find your statement incorrect. Stick to your day job. When we have someone in office who's a savage, it tends to make you WANT to call a psychologist for them. There is a fact between obsession and highly concerned, but crazy really can't differentiate the two, you would be one of them. Sane folk could go about their lives up in a cloud like a unicorn, sir grow a pair and get out of the weeds. Vendetta is different then obtaining willful sir have none.

    2. Keep your day job. You've said plenty enough for Franklin, which seems like an obsession in its self. Vendetta is different then being concerned. A sane person would have interest in this...your either Ana, confused, or selling yourself short. Ana I know your daughter and you get on here. I over heard her talking about it.

  2. One person's hate is another person's concern. One person's fear is another person's phobia. Perspective is relative and perception is reality.

  3. Why, you're a regular ole Socrates aren't ya?
    So insightful.

  4. False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil.

  5. Dont sreal inmate food funds with your alea agent boyfriend and invest into a convicted felons car lot and lie 4 times to attornies judges and media as to where you got the money from

  6. Amen...a Highly Appointed Law Enforcement Officer does not need to be investing county funds into a convicted felons car lot.

    1. Sheriffs are elected, not "appointed." Food funds come from the State, not the county, and is paid directly to the sheriffs of Alabama. I think you have forgotten Harold Jeffreys was the majority owner of the car lot.

    2. Yes, but at what point did he get charged? Ana finds others to take her fall...damn greg, loyalty costs alot doesn't it?

    3. No...I think you forgot, either way it's stealing. Which is ironic when we speak of the justice system. Yes, it's stealing based on what she uses it for...she didn't get held in contempt for nothing.

  7. Address for the, completely made-up, house in Saraland?
    How about pictures?

    1. I can not wait until this comes out. I just wish i knew who you were to see your face when you finally see the proof. LOL

  8. The only person who has proof about a house is Glenda, and the only proof she has is the LIE she made up in her little sick mind. The only thing this blog has truly proved is that Glenda is an absolute nut, she needs to be in a mental institution before she snaps and hurts innocent people.

    Look at the visitor counter at the bottom of the blog, no one visits it anymore, and only a few comments, most of which are Glenda commenting on her own article. At one point people read the blog for entertainment, knowing that most of what she said was not true, but what really did her in was the lies and promises she spewed before Ana's contempt hearing telling people she had inside information and Ana would be led away in cuffs. Or that she better run while she could. Of course we all know what happened, since then the LIES have gotten so far fetched they are impossible to believe.

    I will never read or comment here again. Glenda, I hope you find peace one day, but for now you sure seem to be one troubled individual. Good luck, I think you need it.

  9. WOW...yall are so scared...looking at visitor counter,,,sorry this blog has over 2 million views. Your asses are in trouble...keep lying