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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Franklin is back in town

Blogger Comments:  Sheriff Ana Franklin said that she has gotten rid of all the METH in Morgan County.  Addiction to opioid medication in running rampant  in 
Morgan County. Franklin has done nothing to educate the citizens in our county on the dangers of these drugs.  This is an issue that should be on the top of her agenda.  Speaking at town halls, speaking to children, and young adults about the dangers of addiction. Franklin seems to be more worried about her own addiction than working within our county of the serious issues.  Yes! I said addiction.  Franklin is addicted to money.  Not her own but our money.  The taxpayer dollars that she spends on her frivolous travel.  The trips to Saraland to meet with builders, picking out new furniture, and paint colors is costing the county a ton of money.  Why of all things building a hidden vault?  Really Ana?  I guess you got to put your stash somewhere.  The MCSO money is certainly not being spent on the needs of the MCSO and employees.  

It is important for all Morgan County Citizens to get involved in the upcoming elections to ensure Sheriff Ana Franklin is voted out of office.  We cannot handle four more years of Ana.  Our county is suffering from prescription drug abuse; we have over 17,000 unserved warrants that have been ignored.  No plan to organize a meeting with the District Attorney to allow those with misdemeanor warrants to turn themselves in to get the warrants off the books.  These issues should be first and foremost to the sheriff.  Instead, the sheriff is running the roads, leaving the Berzett's to run the jail and take responsibility for the jail. It amazes me that Franklin has these people doing her dirty work while she is out having a good ole time on taxpayer money.  What is wrong with people who sit back and allow a person such as Ana to abuse her power while they cover her ass.  I realize the woman has the gift of gab but when the dominoes began to fall, Franklin will be in Saraland with her new hubby pointing fingers at all you people who stood back and watched.

While Ana's followers sit back and do her bidding and her work, she is stockpiling and will be the first to point her finger at you when the dominoes fall. 

On a lighter note.  Some say that when she reads the blog it drives her crazy.  Her cronies say we are obsessed.  Hum!  We hear that when Ana reads the blog, she is like a METH HEAD who just got a fix and can't sit still.  

Back to Ana's run for sheriff.  We will not be shy about bringing out information and documentation during the next election that will prove to the people of the county that Ana is not the right candidate to lead the High Sheriff's Office of this county.  I see another break in coming. Forget it, Ana.  We do not keep our documents and information in our offices or homes.  Tell Bones, Blake, and Robinson not to bother.  

Blue Cross report finds alarming trends in Alabama opioid prescriptions

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